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4th October 2008, 11:26
Didn't know whether to put this in technical support or mapping, but as its mostly about mapping I ask here.

1. Having trouble with sprites appearing in game, they show in hammer, "start on" flag is on but they don't appear in game still.

2. Is there a bug with ambient_generics? some sounds don't play and some others don't loop. But I got some other sounds that will play and loop...

3. In b5 Hex maps is the ammo crate going to be used?

4th October 2008, 13:42
no 100% reliable but:

-check the render type/amount and make sure they're not inside a model or something as that can block them, depending on their render type.

-some sounds are coded to loop. i'm not entirely sure how, but generally if the sound has _loop.wav etc then the last bit or something tells the player to loop. this SHOULD be fixed with the loop-control spawnflag but i wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't. i usually rig a stopsound somewhere to force it.

-i don't recall seeing any in use and from what i gather, ovr_ maps don't use those rules because of the mapname but because of the entities in the map. namely the ammo-crate. personally i'd like to hope not because they can be used elsewhere especially in HEX maps where an objective could be to get to the armoury etc and hold out etc.

4th October 2008, 17:44
Thanks but:
Sound still doesn't loop and explosion sounds don't play, this has happened with explosion sounds before...

Sprites don't work at all, don't suppose you could give the property settings for them? :(

What I have them set to at the moment is:

Start on = ticked
No name
No Parent
Render FX = Normal
Render Mode = Texture
FX Amount = 255
FX Colour = 255 255 255
Disable Receiving Shadows = No
Min/Max DX level = Default
Framerate = 10
Scale = 0.50
Size of Glow geometry = 4
HDR Colour scale = 1

4th October 2008, 20:19
i'll throw together a test map tomorrow or monday when i have the time :)

4th October 2008, 20:38
1. Make sure the sprite's file has .spr at the end and don't put the sprite too far inside of a prop.

Also, use a render mode of World Space Glow (this isn't necessary, but it's the best looking out of the three render modes that are good for sprites).

2. Sending your ambient_generics a 'playsound' input should always work if the sound isn't playing. Try choosing from the 'raw' sound type instead of the 'game sounds' type, and choose 'is not looped' if you don't want the sucker to loop.

5th October 2008, 07:33
Sprites work now, kinda, just not in the center.
The sounds that don't work are 1's that get triggered so they already had a "playsound" input. Think I already tried 1 raw sound, but I'll see what happens now.

Thanks xD