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6th September 2008, 18:07
Well the match between Roar and Phys is over, and with much delight i can say that Me, Bio and Tripwire won with much effort. Team roar was indeed an extremely good opponent and our victory was barely scratched together.

I had made 2 demo's of both matches but stupidly enough demo'd over the first one so it only shows one side of the game.

So before posting the demo i just wanted to say that in the first match team Roar won fair and square, with much skill whereas we stupidly tried physkilling first. And against 3 skilled opponents with the fn2000...it's safe to say that it was epic fail on our side.

And here, without further ado, is the demo that shows Phys's victory. Click (http://files.filefront.com/tourneydem/;11715407;/fileinfo.html)

I am also delighted to say i am the proud owner of the only 2 physkills throughout the entire game against Roar. I hope they dont flame me for saying this.
Edit: My sincere apologies too bio for missing this, cus i didn't see everything, but he is also a proud owner of a physkill against puppets, who never saw it coming.:P

Master of Puppets
6th September 2008, 18:10
Bio killed me with pallet also ;D Anywayz gg mates. See you in finals hopefully :)

edit: lol but i saw it going... (after it smashed my head :D )

6th September 2008, 18:26
Even with 3v3, the Hidden only won 4 of 24 rounds. The match was won by a single kill.

6th September 2008, 18:30
Good game indeed, very challenging as well, especially against team roar D:

I expected the pallet to hit the wall and that I would of got peppered by the other team, but I made puppets fly across map :)

Also; I heard no "rooooaaar's" from team roar D':

Master of Puppets
6th September 2008, 19:20
And because of no roaaaaaaaaars we lost :-/ (and a small portion of opponents skill also :) )

6th September 2008, 19:50
Me is sad.
Would have liked to participate...
Maybe tomorrow...

6th September 2008, 19:55
Probably the most challenging game i have ever played of Hidden. It was an Extremely close game, Really enjoyed it and hope for more teams next time :)