View Full Version : M&M's STEAM_0:0:3873792 probably multihack

5th August 2008, 14:28
he is way too good at guessing and tracking just look at the demo. he is a pretty efficient hidden, must have been around some time... had problems following his movement but that might be because its decay. demo includes second opinion and me moving to hard to see spots just to get nailed as soon as he comes in the field of view.


10th August 2008, 13:46
WOW ! He was the boy in "The Sixth Sense" , he can see everything!

12th August 2008, 01:31
Banned from Hiddenbase, SMA and Clandestine along with Axl for teamkilling.

12th August 2008, 01:39
I rember playing with him on CSS on a zm mod server seemed funny on there when he kept getting headshots with an awp no scope from a good 40 yards away. Not to mention he seemed to know where the zombie's would be at.

29th August 2008, 04:22
Banned from Ruiner, PNA, and Knigh7s.

31st August 2008, 20:03
Oh that's the same guy that just played on Clandestine.... guess something went wrong in the banning...