View Full Version : Random crashing

23rd June 2008, 20:22
I experienced a lot of crashes in general.
Most will already know the "use+death" crash. But sometimes the client and eventually the whole server crashes without any death, using or shooting at all.
I had the luck to record a demo (http://files.filefront.com/crash+randomdem/;10769293;/fileinfo.html) while that happened. I hope it helps in debugging the crashing issue, because I think it does happen more often to some people that to others.
I had days where it happened very often and others where it never occured. It also happens more often when you get killed by a certain player, who seems to crash the server more often as well (hell, I hope anyone understands what I am trying to tell you).

24th June 2008, 13:20
I've got a feeling that I cause servers to crash. Both wit use+death crash and other even more mysterious crashes. I've stopped playing for the summer though, so I guess the dev's have worked it out and released b5 when I'm back! :D

24th June 2008, 14:47
I'm not shure if I'm the cause or not but I've had a lot of these types of crashes. I think it happens to me more often if I'm the Hidden. And I'm always close to another player. I never crash and die if I'm killed by someone out of very close range.

Hope that helps a bit.