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10th June 2008, 23:13
This was requested by one of the |*PNA*| guys. He always wondered how Elbig was able to repeatedly taunt mid-attack. Add this bind to your autoexec.cfg file in the /hidden/cfg folder of your client and replace x with whatever key you want to use. Each time you hit the key it will cycle through the radio taunts in pyramid-like fashion (don't ask). Smash this key during gameplay and it will taunt somewhat randomly as only some of them will execute.

alias hdntnt "hdntnt1"
alias hdntnt1 "radio 0; alias hdntnt hdntnt8"
alias hdntnt2 "radio 1; alias hdntnt hdntnt7"
alias hdntnt3 "radio 2; alias hdntnt hdntnt6"
alias hdntnt4 "radio 3; alias hdntnt hdntnt5"
alias hdntnt5 "radio 4; alias hdntnt hdntnt1"
alias hdntnt6 "radio 5; alias hdntnt hdntnt4"
alias hdntnt7 "radio 6; alias hdntnt hdntnt3"
alias hdntnt8 "radio 7; alias hdntnt hdntnt2"
bind x "hdntnt"

11th June 2008, 06:37
hmm could also link the taunt cycle to the various movement keys like my v2 radio script does :D

though one of these days i should probably remove the marine skins changer from it...

11th June 2008, 12:48
i used paegus radio script, which seems to select between all the tuants pretty randomly, although if u attempt to rebind your movement keys via control option they lock up ur fowarded and backward movement. i figured out how to fix it though in the cfg. another small side note, i dont know if i did something wrong on my end but i cant see the radio menu.

11th June 2008, 17:06
hmm i've never had anyone complaining about the movement controls locking up. it's just attaching the taunt cycle to the un-movement on key-release. if you're executing paegus/taunt.rc then the aliases exist. they don't use any wait states so servers that block those wont take issue.
i've really no real idea what could be disconnecting your movement keys... unless you deleted that bit from taunt.rc, thinking it superfluous.

as for the radio menu not showing up...

update 2007/03/23: since valve recently took it upon themselves to make the developer variable a cheat the menu will not appear if you have altered your client's gameinfo.txt or have changed the shortcut's applaunch code. i'm looking into alternative methods but haven't found anything remotely function as yet. the menu uses the same numbers as the normal graphical menu so if you know what number does what you can still use it.

since beta 4b is all on 215 (aka altered gameinfo.txt &| applaunch) they don't appear any more. i've been trying to get them to work through the closed captioning system but i can't seem to find any tool to compile the .dat caption files that supersede those .txt ones in the post ep1 source world. personally i just remember the numbers so it's no big deal for me.