View Full Version : Ladders?

7th June 2008, 13:33
Having trouble with making ladders, can anyone quickly show me how to make them?

7th June 2008, 14:59
brush tool > texture 'tools/invisibleladder' > create object.

the fancy hl2 ladders with designated mount and dismount points never worked for me.

http://img237.imageshack.us/img237/399/ladderfi4.th.jpg (http://img237.imageshack.us/my.php?image=ladderfi4.jpg)

7th June 2008, 15:02
Me neither, i prefered the old way of making ladders :(
Thanks anyways!

7th June 2008, 16:41
Me neither, i prefered the old way of making ladders :(
Thanks anyways!

You mean you preferred the new way of making ladders... The texture way has been around since HL1.

7th June 2008, 17:51
What I meant was that I preferred the hl1 way :)

7th June 2008, 18:29
preferred or prefer? since the new way doesn't work (very well or at all?) the inclusion of past tense confuses matters no end.

7th June 2008, 18:31
ok....hl1 way with texture ladder is best way, way everyone likes it D:

7th June 2008, 20:22
idk.. i wouldn't mind having specific dismount points here and there. it would resolve some of the usual antics involving ladders.

and on that note, Ging, it seems as though the hidden cannot pounce to and from ladders. well he can pounce to them but he doesn't attached normally unless he walks up to it normally. instead he just clings until he drops off falling down. if he climbs them normally he can't pounce off :(

7th June 2008, 21:38
dismount points wouldn't stop people from arsing about on ladders overly, but they might make them an arse to use in a hurry.

hmm, his movetype changes when he's on ladders, it may not take pouncing into account.

7th June 2008, 23:44
I prefer the func_usableladder method for ladders and ropes. The func_ladder/toolsinvisibleladder method is good for climbable walls... Well, it would be if that metal step sounds weren't mandatory. =P

The func_ladderendpoint method intrigued me, if only because each endpoint could be independently parented....

8th June 2008, 11:04
hidden + ladders + sad face...

why should you climb a ladder when you're hidden anyway? >.<
you really don't have to.

8th June 2008, 14:12
of course you don't have to. but the point is that it should work. the hidden has hands and feet and while he may be off his nut, that's not a very good reason to say "the hidden can't use ladders is it?

8th June 2008, 14:55
And you dont use stamina..

8th June 2008, 23:51
Ladder brushes as stamina-free cling points? Hawt idea, poliq.

9th June 2008, 10:29
yeah, i've been wanting to do things like making...
-pipe fixtures and some vertical gratings climbable by the hidden (but wrapped in marineclips) to keep the iris off of them. the hidden can use them if he doesn't mind making that loud clanking or triggering the occasions creak noise.
-make ledge edges and light fixtures that i could see a normal person hanging from for quite a while be usable in that fashion.
-make high-angled ledges work similarly on the assumption that his cling would give him access to steeper slopes, though can be done with a 1x1 player clip at the bottom and a marine clip to keep them hidden only.

for the time being though i'll make do.