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e.X.S | мя.حغغ
22nd May 2008, 10:32
Hey all,

i was suprised the Homepage from Hidden-stats is Offline....

Now we donīt have stats support in Hidden-Source.

If we found enough people who spend money to Raider for the Page the Hidden-Stats would be open for 1 Year i think!!!

What do you all think about that???

Please POST !!!!!

Yours sincely


22nd May 2008, 12:48
i have 8$ left on my paypal account, which i would spend!

Lets make a list who is willing to spend!

1.FFAF 8$

Total: 8$

Radio Controlled
22nd May 2008, 20:48
what about a sponsor?!

23rd May 2008, 18:11
Did the last thread just die without anyone pitching in? I'll pitch you a few euros as soon as I get a new card.

Can anyone please check that the problem is lack of cold hard cash and not something else?

28th May 2008, 15:15
Ahh Raider we want your site back running, we all are statswhores! Please Answer!

28th May 2008, 18:47
for some people there is no point playing anymore...
for me it was another motivation...
yeah we definately need it..and yes we are statswhores!

29th May 2008, 11:41
If the person handling the server account can PM me with the payment details I could probably pay it.

29th May 2008, 23:47
Are you guys beeing serious here?

30th May 2008, 00:11
The.Virus is on holiday. I have let him know that the stats are down. He will look into it when he gets home.

30th May 2008, 01:11
Are you guys beeing serious here?

(Monopoly) Money

I'll give you 100 theoretical dollars.

30th May 2008, 12:55
Data is all still there, I can put up a temporary pointer to the page but it will only show historical data as until whoever looks after the domain (not me, I just develop and host it) reactivates it, no new records can come in. All because they couldnt be bothered to spend 6 fucking quid renewing it.

2nd June 2008, 11:21
Im Currently in Egypt. My flight home is 17:45(GMT) today. Ill have a look at renewing it tomorrow. If anyone does feel like chipping in a few Pounds, Euros or Dollars then feel free to paypal me at jcmason(at)gmail.com every little helps.

2nd June 2008, 20:30

5th June 2008, 04:12
damn... thats gay. haha..

ill give u 100000 dollars from the heart

6th June 2008, 08:50
Any Progress here?

8th June 2008, 16:52
If you want i could create a new global ranking system but the old rankings wouldnt be stored and i think that the most of you dont like it if they were resetted.

11th June 2008, 00:08
its nice of you to offer creating a new one but i think we all want to keep all the old stats...
if it is the last resort, so be it i guess..but we should try to get them bak:(

11th June 2008, 06:55
The stats will still be there. Its the domain thats down not the server as far as I know. Im having some problems trying to renew the domain. Its locked to my name for the time being so wont let me register as a new user and I cant find any option to renew out of date domains.

11th June 2008, 13:17
You still need donations?


11th June 2008, 17:20
was any thought given to just having it bounce off of http://stats.hidden-source.com or something :)

i honestly can't see anyone complaining... but perhaps i've missed some key point.

11th June 2008, 23:22
Aye donations are still welcomed hwoever you wont see them at work until I can find away to renewing it. I have a really bad feeling im gonna have to phone them and its one of my biggest hates is talking on a phone.

15th June 2008, 14:11
just make the call.

29th June 2008, 21:11
sry to ask this in this topic but since its an important one and active i feel like i have to...
Is the mod team active?
I know the mod is not dead but are there hopes for b5?
Just concerned, thats all:)

29th June 2008, 21:44
I think there're hopes that beta5 will be released

29th June 2008, 22:33
a hope in hell!

but why are we asking this here?

30th June 2008, 19:04
Stats is not part of the team proper, just an application I and a couple of other guys cooked up. Due to some very poor domain management it is offline indefinitely and we will probably lose the domain.

30th June 2008, 20:07

3rd July 2008, 14:56
so...should we wait for these stats? or we should wait for them as we wait for b5...haha

11th July 2008, 10:38
Virus? Whats up? New Site coming or are Hiddenstats gone forever?

15th July 2008, 12:46
now, is there any progress in this?

Master of Puppets
15th July 2008, 12:54
If im not mistaking Phaed is/will be working on the stats.

15th July 2008, 16:05
At this time, I will only say that Chilly may have struck some insidious pacts to reanimate the hulking corpse that is hidden-stats. Muahahahaha!

15th July 2008, 17:59
we're in the process of pointing stats.hidden-source.com to the stats page. This is taking a bit longer than expected.

This will require all ranked servers to re-configure their servers with this new hostname. The sooner you do this the sooner the stats will get back to normal. The site should be back online in the next few days and its then up to server admins to get the data live. I may purge the database...I may not, what do you lot think?

Ging will be putting up a news post with the details and in the announcements once the site is back and the new subdomain is alive.

15th July 2008, 18:14
any idea of what port to use? old, none...

15th July 2008, 18:15
we're in the process of pointing stats.hidden-source.com to the stats page. This is taking a bit longer than expected.

It looks like right now the subdomain is forwarding to the old domain instead of the IP address.

any idea of what port to use? old, none...

The port remains the same.


log 1
logaddress_add stats.hidden-source.com:6838

15th July 2008, 18:51
Yep port is the same, I know the domain is currently fubar - working on it. Trying to get hold of gingerpubes.

16th July 2008, 16:01
apologies for being hard to get hold of - still no 'net at the new house, so I'm only managing a couple of hours when I can get into the uni to use the labs.

I'm not sure why the redirect is still happening, I'll take another look and make sure it's all doing the right stuff.

edit: the hosting control panel is showing that the redirect has been removed and the new A record is in place to point to the right ip... this leaves me confused, we might have to wait another day or so to see if things tidy up - otherwise I'll raise a support ticket.

16th July 2008, 16:28

13th August 2008, 14:11
Hurray, resolved!

27th May 2009, 22:24
Up :D

28th May 2009, 06:44

1st June 2009, 14:10
the stats werenīt tracking ;)!