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Radio Controlled
9th March 2008, 19:55
Hi guys

id finished my funmap "hdn_constructv1"

team IRIS spawn in the last Layer and have to find a way on the top.
The glas can brake so watch ure steps!

Hidden spawn in first or second Layer and should kill IRIS before they reach the top.

watch out for flying Jimmeh´s ;)

would be lovly if someone can put my map on a server.




DOWNLOAD (http://rapidshare.com/files/98280571/hdn_constructv1.bsp.html)

9th March 2008, 21:19
I'm downloading it alright! Will upload it on filefront and add it to the next mappack ;) Thanks... I think (havnt played it yet)

OH NOOOO! Rapid Share! :(

Radio Controlled
10th March 2008, 12:34
cool :)

if someone has errors pls contact me with Pm

(^) Sangheili Zealot (^)
10th March 2008, 19:19
Map looks fun but i bet a with a skilled hidden u wont even make it to the stairs:p (any phys obj on the map?)

Radio Controlled
10th March 2008, 20:18
yep in every layer like 10 and a car^^

just download and test it ;)

and tell my map admins :D


(^) Sangheili Zealot (^)
11th March 2008, 01:46
low fps while playing???


Oh btw make glass more frigle run ouf of bullets by the time im on the top :p

Radio Controlled
11th March 2008, 12:20
1. thanks for testing :)

all in this map is func_detail (brushes)
but i think the fps killer are the models

im sorry about fps rate :(

did you play online?

11th March 2008, 17:46
1. thanks for testing :)

all in this map is func_detail (brushes)
but i think the fps killer are the models

im sorry about fps rate :(

did you play online?

I played it offline, ran fine :)... Pressed the button and 2 jimmehs spawned, not much else.

Radio Controlled
11th March 2008, 19:05
Shape can you set hdn_construct on Clandestinecake?

best regards

11th March 2008, 21:19
It's a real fun-map, dont know if the people like it playing online, but they wont if they have to play with 10fps...

12th March 2008, 13:51
The prob with the map is that it is not divided into vis-areas, which makes the game render the entire map, instead of just what you can see.

In this case, you can see the entire map at all times, thus it has to render a ridiculous amount of polygons.

In terms of fps, this map is worse than a benchmarking program. ;)

Are you not suffering from this, Radio?

Radio Controlled
12th March 2008, 17:17
i think working here with area portals and hints are useless :(

because its just one big block and no 4-5 rooms

if someone got an idea how2 fix the fps prob pls let it me know

12th March 2008, 17:42
Remove the glass ceilings at the top floor (make them solid), replace some of the walls with solid brushes instead of glass and make sure that you don't make the solid walls func_details.

You have to reach a compromise between performance and your glass building idea - currently, the idea isn't worth the shitty performance.

Radio Controlled
12th March 2008, 19:15
wow cool,
thanks :)

24th March 2008, 17:20
a yea: in the middle by the stairs, can you plt make a texture or something?
its hard to climb up whit this eye burning colours.. also its harder to see when i need to jump..

Radio Controlled
24th March 2008, 19:40
i write the Thread for the FINAL release now,
with heavy chances in gameplay and performance

best regards