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9th March 2008, 11:23
Got a video here of someone with the classic BHS case. I think the video speaks for itself. I did ask him if he saw a black hidden or simply the invisable one we all know, ofcourse he claimed to see the invisable one but anyone with a bit of brain can see his claim false.

Video: here (http://files.filefront.com/classicbhsdem/;9783021;/fileinfo.html)

His stats: here (http://www.hidden-stats.co.uk/profile.php?s=STEAM_0:0:16349508)

Fairly new here but that should not be an excuse to ruin other ppl's game.

9th March 2008, 15:40
Watched the demo and have to say that it's not a good one. All Hiddens he killed were noobs. Almost no pouncing, attacking from the front etc....
Could just be a good spotter.
Next time get a demo in which YOU pounce around a lot more. At short distances. Long range with the LAM can get you killed pretty fast.
And at tick 23600 he didn't see the Hidden immediatly behind the steam vents.
But I will keep an eye out and watch him closely if I ever met him.

9th March 2008, 18:08
And at tick 23600 he didn't see the Hidden immediatly behind the steam vents.

Or he pretended not to see him immediatly...he did that on more then one occasion if i recall the demo correctly. At any case at the end of the vid i managed to become hidden and i can assure you he did not have any trouble tracking me at all even when i was madly pouncing around him trying to dodge his bullets. Even so, if you say the demo is not that useable i will try to get something more concrete next time although that does not dismiss my 100% conviction that the bloke has BHS. (Especially when he uber tracked my movements on stalkyard wich was the map before depot. Stupid me i didn't start recording there.:mad:)

9th March 2008, 19:26
This guy also played on my server [-SMA-]. He has done at 15 minutes 55 kills .I dont know how,but i will further observe him.

P.S.:The bad grammar is intended

10th March 2008, 11:42
The way I try to get proof of BHSers is to find them using the aura, then do all sorts of maneuvers that the human eye could simply not track. Jumping over his head or just waiting in a hidden spot are good examples.

10th March 2008, 16:10
a good map to spot them on is decay since it is extremly dark.

10th March 2008, 18:34
yeah, he's not BHSing much imo. either that or he's better at hiding it than ... err wait... :p