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16th December 2007, 13:47
Well haven't you been in a spot where you arrive late at a server and the round starts before you because you were picking weapons. Maybe if you could save weapon packs. Like in cs. example: i always use "p90+5/7+Lamp" while in support, and this gets a bit tiring when in the rush by accident end up with the paintball gun.

16th December 2007, 16:56
it's been asked for before and it really shouldn't be too hard to rig a client variable (cl_loadout "014") or 3 (cl_primary 0, cl_secondary 1 and cl_equip 4) that changes automatically when the client picks a different loadout that is easily carried across rounds, maps and servers since it's stored in config.cfg. then just add a quick-join button to the main screen...

17th December 2007, 17:36
It is hard sence i have no clue of what you just typed, comon dont ask the players to learn codes. Btw i think this is a pretty good idea, i find myself rush trough the class/wepon selection to even make the first round of a new map or like he says you arrive at the end of a round.

17th December 2007, 18:46
player wouldn't have to type diddly.

the current system just runs commands from your client when you pick the weapon from the screen. they are primary #, secondary #, equip #. all this would do is change those to client variables that are persistent. so when the load-out screen is shown those items are already selected as your previous selection... no consoles required.

17th December 2007, 19:39
This is doable relatively easily - if people wanted to be able to store a set of favourites, that might take a bit more work.

Mart Ini
24th December 2007, 13:45
I like the idea.