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8th December 2007, 17:01
Since i hear support is being taken away I suggest you put in place a Medic postion

Medic would be able to use the P-90,less-than-leathal launcher, and the two hand guns if he wants. He would carry a medic kit that would only heal people that are in Red Health. Since there is a green zone a yellow zone and a red zone. If a player is in yellow or green the kit will do nothing. If he is in Red then the player will be healed to full yellow which i think is like 63. The medic only has medic kits and he cannot use it on himself. When he is a medic also he will have the red-cross symbol stamped on his back and his arms showing that he is a medic.

Why should we have a medic?

lets say some douche on the time decides to TK everyone. Well the good players killed him but they are now wounded. Luckily the medic on the team can at least treat 2 of them so they can get the hidden. The second senario is that the team survives a pipe bomb from the hidden but they are basically dead. Not for long! The medic is able to heal most of them and hopefully they will get the hidden.

I also suggest that when people get to red health there body starts splurting out blood at random incrimints this will show medic's whos hurt and it wil give the hidden something to follow if his Aura sight isnt helping

8th December 2007, 18:18
No medics or healing for the IRIS. The hidden is supposed to be whittling the IRIS down, chipping away at their health, numbers, and ammo until he's going for the kill, and healing is counterproductive for that. This is a horror game, after all... you have to be afraid of getting hurt.

Besides, the support class isn't being removed. The functionality is simply being loaded into one of the modules, so that you can select the ability to supply ammo instead of, say, a flashlight or laser pointer. You no longer have to select a class, you just choose your equipment loadout. It's also being upgraded so that you deploy ammo pouches instead of "magically" dealing out ammo, which is far more intuitive and useful.

Mart Ini
9th December 2007, 12:21
The medic class or something similar has been discussed many times. The outcome always was: NO!

9th December 2007, 13:38
Yeah, let's call this mod Team Hidden 2....