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29th November 2007, 13:46
well i was thinking about the excessive camping that happens in hidden(on both sides of the field) and wondering if someone could create an anit-camping script similiar to Jetboom's buttcramp script on zombie survival that keeps humans from crouching and camping in hard to reach places.

Mart Ini
29th November 2007, 14:46
It's part of the game, how irritating it may be.

29th November 2007, 15:12
If you see them camping more and more each round, too afraid to leave the spawn you might be doing something right :)

29th November 2007, 15:41
to some extent you are right but it tends to be abit annoying to watch players run to the same camping spot evry single round.

a simple script that works out the time a player as been in the same spot and then punishs them for it would help alil though.


player stands in a corner for more than a min 1:30 seconds starts to recieve the HL drowning affect (health decreases but eventually returns) when crouching the player will take alot more premenate damage(to help with vent campers)

29th November 2007, 16:25
If you see them camping more and more each round, too afraid to leave the spawn you might be doing something right :)

The problem is, they start camping regardless of your skill level. =/

29th November 2007, 19:12
just type "I'll be right back" as hidden and they will quit camping :p

29th November 2007, 19:41
Also, I was on a server earlier today which ran a script which saw camping and gifted pipe bombs to the Hidden... unfortunately, it saw me as camping even though I was running all over the place, and it most certainly wasn't because of my Ping (easily less than 100)

29th November 2007, 19:45
Nah... camping is part of the game; i mean people do it in real life, except people tend to move in a group in real life, not just camp. But if no1 camped, then there would be no necessity to save your nades, and it would mean a lot of the noobs who throw both nades within 5 seconds then proceed to pigstick the entire round can just pick off the loners.

Also hidden camping is never a problem, its their loss, and it adds tension to the round, also a hidding hidden is easier to kill than a hunting hidden.

29th November 2007, 19:52
should really be up to the mapper to playtest their maps with people who know what to look for.

if players can camp in ways that are really unbalanced then something is wrong with the map... or it was designed that way.

30th November 2007, 07:57

You can find here:


an AntiCamping script for ES. Maybe this is what you are looking for...

9th December 2007, 13:32
That idea is just stupid, as camping is a penalty in itself, since the Hidden can reach almost any place you as an IRIS member can, and makes you an even easier target for him.
It makes games feel way too much like CS.
PLEASE, for the love of god dont ruin Hidden with your anti-camp nonsense!