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ell nic
14th October 2007, 15:01
Right ok, well i have had no problem for The hidden. I haven played in quite a while and the last version i had was 3. I could see the Hidden perfect and at one point i was ranked 6th on hidden stats with the name "?" then i stoped playing for months, i came back and found out there is a new version, Version 4b so i downloaded that. I went to play it finding i can not see the hidden, then i went to play totorial and still cudent see him so i came on to there forums and looked for the awnser. I did everything it says for the solutions available and still no Hidden. Has anyone got any idear why this might be? And is it possible the update caused it?

Thanks in advance

14th October 2007, 17:15
what video card & driver do you have installed?

support for anything below hardware direct X 8 has been dropped.

16th October 2007, 17:48
Like paeg said, update your drivers/directx. The dx7 "white phantom" exploit has been ruthlessly crushed by the dev's (thank god) because they removed every directx support lower then dx8. So either it's time for you to do some updating or you gotta start teaching yourself to hunt based on sound alone :p

ell nic
16th October 2007, 18:15
Nop i have dirext x9 :confused: so i guess i am going to learn to hunt on sound insted of sight :(:mad:

16th October 2007, 18:23
Nop i have dirext x9 :confused: so i guess i am going to learn to hunt on sound insted of sight :(:mad:

It's not a matter of having directx9 installed, it's a matter of what directx level your card supports.

16th October 2007, 20:47
Maybe you're not looking hard enough?

He is 99% invisable now...

19th October 2007, 17:02
I can't see him (Nearly at all) in DX8, actually. Haven't tried dx7. I currently use DX9, as it seems to be the only mode where I can see him...

19th October 2007, 17:27
My mum just got a vista computer, DX10...

I really want to play Hidden on it.

19th October 2007, 19:58
yeah hidden is so utterly awesome in DX10 man... the textures are insanely high detailed with all the bump, normal and displacement mapping and the hidden's refraction is like... like... well refraction i suppose. but it's way better anyway :rolleyes:

just ignore the HDR induced black screens on nade/303 blurs and you'll be fine.

ell nic
20th October 2007, 16:27
Still nothing works. I guess my days of playing Hidden are over :( Anyone got a good mod there willing to shear??

20th October 2007, 16:57
If you post here what graphics card you have we'll be able to tell you if you can see the hidden or not.