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Jesus Saves
13th October 2007, 06:02
before i say what i have in mind i would first like to say I love both game types out there =)

while i was playing i noticed certain people were wearing green suits and some were wearing blue and they would show up that way on the radar. this was alittle puzzling cuz me and my friends found no use for them. then we thought of a game type that made use of this.

The game would have a total of 3 teams... Blue Squad (or somthing) Green Squad, and the hidden. both squads objective is to kill the hidden, but they are both working for different country's/ agencies/ somthing. So this way they are competing against eachother and can kill eachother. things still stay the same. if hidden wins he stays as hidden. and if some one kills the hidden they trade spots.

U can kind of already do this by putting friendly fire on but u still spawn next to eachother and ur on eachothers radar.

If any one is confused at anything let me know. or if u have a suggestion to make it a cooler idea.

P.S. i know you guys said no more guns.... but come on... m4 and mp5 =)

Boat Builder
13th October 2007, 06:13
Pretty sure the green dots are the players that have chosen the support class.

IMO, not that bad of an idea, but i think the main reason to make a team gametype would be to open up the potential for clan-type styles.

...But if the hidden is against both IRIS teams, that sort of wouldn't work :D

EDIT: I remember somebody posted about an idea for a team-based gametype of the hidden that i thought was rather snazzy, i totally forget where and who... but it was dandy.

13th October 2007, 06:44
Eh, it would be too easy for the hidden.

13th October 2007, 08:12
Thought this idea sounded familiar:


Specifically, "Cold War" in the first post.

13th October 2007, 08:28
I have to ask... Why did you call it "Cold War"? That's like calling it "War On Terror", only, knowing the theme of the Hidden... Terror might actually fit.

13th October 2007, 08:47
Because it was a sort of nation vs. nation subversion war... thingy. Each side had a goal, and a "special agent" (The Hidden) who was trying to kill/sabotage the opposing team. The name Cold War seemed to fit given that it was for a clan based mode.

13th October 2007, 09:16
Heh, maybe I've just watched Hunt for Red October too many times.