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25th September 2007, 08:26
Thought this was a bug report huh ? :b

No actually I thought the "silent alarms" was intentional.
And I liked it :cool:

Seems like it was a bug now though, so I just wanted to suggest that the alarms didn't trigger from IRIS, but only from hidden?

Since there are always people not caring and sounding the alarms because they feel like they dont have time to duck/jump, or someone sounding the alarm on purpose =/

You'd probably want some sort of description for how this would be possible in the real life and such to make it more "reasonable" to implement this.
Unfortunately I can't really think of anything else than that the lasers still 'go through' Hidden, whereas they get completely blocked by the IRIS. So the lasers would detect 'small' changes to the beam and not a complete block.

This would also make a new tactical point for both Hidden and IRIS now I think of it. Since Hidden can block the beams with obstacles like crates, barrels, etc. and IRIS would have to move/destroy the obstacles (i.e. crates) to keep the lasers 'clean'.

Hope you like the idea ^^

25th September 2007, 08:38
You didn't use the search button.

Remember: Use the SEARCH BUTTON before posting any suggestion. There is a big chance someone already had this idea.

25th September 2007, 09:05
Yeah okay sorry about that. I see people have had te same idea.

Still though.. I added a "reason" for why the alarms would only trigger from hidden, which people were requesting in the other threads.

Also I suggested something about being able to block the beams with obstacles in that case.

So don't tell me this is a complete repost ;)

25th September 2007, 11:28
the IRIS are supposed to be a rapid response unit. they didn't really have time to plan on what equipment to bring specificaly to track the hidden. hense the lack of thermal goggles. chances are the alarms are just generic 'if the beam breaks, make noise' not 'if the beam bends out of line over time implying some form of refractive interferrence moving through the beam then make noise otherwise if it's a solid sharp break then ignore it'.

i think it would be tactically better to have them be radio alarms instead so the hidden isn't alerted to them directly (unless there's an iris nearby in which case he can hear the alarm sound from the iris's headset? or he is really close to it and can hear the electronic buzz or something). the radio alarm could give range data on beam breaks. with the wip IRIS aura overlay the breaks could be plotted, compared to the known positions of iris members and ignored electronically if they match... which leaves the door open for the hidden to carry a corpse or radio around and be ignored because the system thinks it's an iris.

though that would ruin the ability to pin a corpse in front of some alarms to make them trigger constantly

25th September 2007, 13:45
Big ass wall of text.

Just to add something to your "radio alarm"

perhaps after activation, it's lets out ultra sonic waves, which break on contact of a solid object, giving the temporary where abouts of the hidden on your mini map, due to the breakage of the sonic waves.

Unless you posted that and my eyes didnt pick it up.

25th September 2007, 15:33
ii asume you mean sonic range finders then sure but that would probably be hidden detectable.

the laser beam is a far better ranger finder anyway and would be able to tell exactly where the beam was broken.

i wonder if the whole beam could/will be rendered in the iris aura... would be quite cool imo.