View Full Version : debris toggle on use

24th September 2007, 19:12
i was wondering if the debris toggle while being carried was something that could be triggered via an undocumented (since it's hidden only?) entity input or is it some thoroughly buried game code?

basically i'm trying to create some phys objects (cans, paintcans, jimmy, etc) that are normally debris so they don't impair iris movement but for a brief time after being grabbed by the hidden they are solid to the iris. i can toggle motion but not debris so :(

24th September 2007, 19:27
I doubt it. As an alternative...
There's an entity (logic_something, prolly) that'll allow you to ignore collisions between two objects. If you can put !player as one of the objects, and, say, Jimmeh as the other, you may be able to turn that entity on and off as the thing gets picked up.

I've never used or seen it used with players before.
Not to mention, there are several ways to refer to a player, and !player is generally reserved for single player....

24th September 2007, 19:38
The debris toggle is buried in the pickup code and doesn't use any part of the entity system that's open to mappers.

24th September 2007, 21:07
i'll have a dig through logic_* and see what i can find. though i doubt i'll be able to avoid having objects be solid to the hidden which takes issue with pouncing.

thanks all the same.