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Aaron Thy Baron
24th September 2007, 00:25
This mode would focus on mainly the "hidden" and his escape from the "IRIS" labs. The setting would be in the "IRIS" lab, or complex. The areas would be substantially large, this would be primarily because it would give the members of the "IRIS" squad more time to move on to parts of the level or map giving them a shorter way of getting there, simply put. The hidden however would be given a much longer route with obstacles like large gaps within the ground maybe or perhaps laser grids that are capable of slicing normal men to pieces. The "IRIS'" main problems would be large gaps once again, (maybe they would not be such a great idea for the hidden due to wall cling.) malfunctioning machinery, poisonous gases, liquids, and materials of the particular sort that would be in a scientific of this sort. I am not quite sure of what things go into genetic research labs but I am sure there could be something simple that would cause a large problem for the "IRIS" or "hidden".

I called this the "Hidden Escape: The Beginning" for the reason that our antagonist the "hidden" or "Subject 617" has come to life or something sparked in his mind that he has to get out, that he has a purpose to fulfill. The whole point of this mode would be for the "hidden" as well as the "IRIS" to focus on particular attributes of the game, be it agility ("hidden"), teamwork ("IRIS"), or even just getting a kick out of it, like eluding something that had you out gunned, outnumbered, and was more persistent than crazed car salesman. The "IRIS" might possibly think this fun because you would be chasing a prey that has a fierceness like no animal ever known by the world, three very deadly aspects about it (Speed, Stealth, Strength.), and the wit of a human being. These parts of the game would hopefully be potent enough for someone to catch on to the likeness of the game type or game mode. Oh by the way, the equipment set up of the "hidden" would be that he could use physical objects within the world to distract or dispatch his enemies (if he was good enough), he would not have his knife because he has not found one yet, (I also think that the knife would be a little off track because the "hidden" is trying to leave the labs behind him and get out to the world, not kill everyone who is inside of it.) and finally he is left with all the abilities and attributes that have already been given to him. The "IRIS" equipment would have the removal of the adrenaline shot so that people may not get to far to fast, also sonic alarms might not need to be used since the "hidden" is escaping but there will or rather should in my opinion be areas where the "IRIS" and hidden come into contact, and lastly, "IRIS members" are given all the abilities and attributes they have been assigned as well.

I believe that this is just a small idea of what could be larger with the help of this community and its developers. If you read this tell me exactly what you think, I wont take offense, you did read this giant thing after all heheh. I could not think of anything else but if I do I will make sure to post it and try to give ideas to something I really enjoy. With good intentions and my praise, thank you Hidden: Source team, you really inspired me. :D

24th September 2007, 01:46
Um.... You've seen the tutorial, right?
That IS the Hidden's escape from the IRIS labs. Essentially. Until the mapping bug bites Boxy again. And even then, with the HEX mode, we've already got a sort of campaign-oriented mode for the IRIS.

Reading through, I'm beginning to think this is more of a map, not a game mode, that you're proposing. With a few minor tweaks.

Aaron Thy Baron
24th September 2007, 02:29
I have seen the tutorial, yet i feel that it was way too short. I think that you can take something that looks essential small and make it huge. A great deal of things can happen in what seems like a small amount of time, I do not know how to say it other than that but if you look at something like the a photo and just see three kids and say all thats going on is that they are smiling, but its much more than that, they could be doing tons of different things. What I am trying to get at is that people might be over looking the true events of subject 617 and his escape from that lab and just be seeing him as this invisible man that kills people and eats them, but no, hes so much more than that and people could find that out through an enhanced game mode. But yeah, it did sound like a map now that I looked back on it, but since I have an entire community at my thread it wont be to hard to mold it into the shape that everyone wants it to be. Thanks Demented :)

Boat Builder
24th September 2007, 02:38
If the purpose is for the hidden to get out, isn't that sort of imbalanced Aaron?

I mean... he isn't exactly easy to see if he wants to hide. ;)

If hex type maps allow the hidden to have objectives too, then this could easily come to fruition.

Good luck with the thinkenings.

Aaron Thy Baron
24th September 2007, 03:31
Well Boat, I have tried to come up with a way to balance the way so that the IRIS and the hidden come in contact with each other throughout the maps, and that the hidden's path to his escape is much longer than the IRIS'. Also again, the hidden will have obstacles blocking his path when he is not on a path that intervenes with the one the IRIS have, like mounted wall cannons or security lasers malfunctioning, stuff like that Boat. Oh, and the hidden will not be able to hide for very long due to a time limit and that he is being ever pushed on by the unstable environment, you would not want to stick around very long if the area around you was going to collapse any minute. The only time you would want to hide is when you come in contact with auto cannons that detect your movements, or even IRIS that you come across in the sectors you cross with them, and even then you might want to distract people so you can get past them. By the way, I do know about the upcoming HEX game type but this is just something that would focus more on Stealthy cunning and the true events that unfolded in the hidden's escape for example, how he did it all, from the bombs to the knife to the taste for human flesh and so on. I would not think of all of this without my best knowledge of the game and clear understanding of how people play it, why they play it, what they want to know, and why they like it. I know that this might all be to much for people to soak in at once but if you play around with ideas long enough you might come up with some sort of compromise. I really appreciate your views though so keep up the good work everyone. Thanks for the commentary Boat, looking forward to seeing you play again ^^, later man.

24th September 2007, 04:45
Please break your posts up into multiple paragraphs. The walls of text you're posting are not condusive to easy reading!

24th September 2007, 06:34
There's already a map quite like that...


In hidden tut, where you excaped through that hole in the ceiling, it takes place right after that...

Aaron Thy Baron
24th September 2007, 20:30
Hdn_origin is to me, just another deathmatch where you fight for your own life by taking other's. The Hidden tutorial is a small part of what could be a giant complex and a new game mode. Also, wouldn't you want to know more about 617? I sure as heck would, this game mode would provide within itself all the knowledge anyone would want to know or even not want to know about 617. Like I had mentioned earlier about it, from the knife, to the bombs, to the taste for human flesh. Then again, I also think thats what could be making this game scary then again, its what could be making it not as terrifying to some.

But yeah, I do suppose that the mysteriousness of 617 is what makes him more prone to having people who fear him but, if you knew the true reasons behind his darkness or traits rather, you might become even more terrified of him. Say, the only reason he eats people is because he needs sustenance of some kind to keep on living. In my opinion that is not enough information about why he eats the flesh of humans and does not horrify me nearly as much as it would if I knew the true psychological reasoning behind this mentality of his.

Sorry for writing in such large paragraphs though Star, but this is how I express my feeling best towards this game. Thanks for the replies though Star and TheChrist, but I would rather help mold this into something that you guys like not just shut it down immediately. There is always potential for something to grow, I just hope everyone understands clearly. Thanks guys keep it up :)

24th September 2007, 20:53
Say, the only reason he eats people is because he needs sustenance of some kind to keep on living. In my opinion that is not enough information about why he eats the flesh of humans and does not horrify me nearly as much as it would if I knew the true psychological reasoning behind this mentality of his.

I think that if it were spelled out somehow, that would be much, much less horrifying than thinking about what his psyche could be like without such an explanation.

Sort of how women are sometimes sexier in certain clothes than they are when nude.

If someone with the authority to do so went off and said "Oh, he eats humans because he thinks like this", it would be laid out, one reason, and no one would have reason to ponder and speculate, and if that reason didn't particularly horrify certain sets of people, then you're stuck.

If you leave it to the imagination, then those who wish to ponder will find horror. I mean, no matter what it is, you have to be a pretty sick bastard to knife and bomb and hang people up on wall, but to eat them on top of that ...

It's a Choose Your Own Psychological Horror Adventure.

(That's my two cents, and should not necessarily be taken as dev team stance. It's just what I think about it)

I mean, sustenance is a reason to eat, but it's not a reason to eat people.
Maybe he thinks he absorbs people's power when he eats them.
Maybe his mommy told him to eat his vegetables and he sees the IRIS uniforms as green.
You pick - what's scary to *you*.

Aaron Thy Baron
24th September 2007, 21:35
I understand that some people will make assumptions in their minds about what he does, but until their thoughts have been confirmed or acknowledged the suspense will keep building and after awhile, that can become boring, if you dont let people know something for too long they begin to lose interest, I am not trying to speak for everyone, but what I think is the vast majority of people out there in the world. I do not believe in trying to constantly expose the truth but when a public mystery remains that way for too long people will speak their mind on the matter. 617 does not have just a few secrets, he has quite a few, I'm sure, but its ok to reveal things from time to time. I am not saying to let people know everything about him, just a little more to become even more interested.

It does not have to be the things I have said but give the community some more info about him if you dare. Through tid bits of information on these maps people could learn just a little more about this killer with a cause or insane ,maniacle demon created by man if you will. Also this mode isnt just about the hidden's inner and outer self, its about having fun, and training in the key points of the game such as the ones I had said earlier on.

Oh and by the way, thanks Miasmic, you helped point out a detail I had not suspected earlier on, and that is that everyone one is an individual and will think different things about 617's mysteries in their own minds and make him as twisted as they want but I think that there could be more of a guide line to let people know, 617 is the worst or strangest thing that will ever be known.

If you want to talk about the actual game itself thats cool too. I really want to get into how it would play, having no knife and all for the hidden, working out the kinks is a great way to start something out, so please feel welcome to keep up the commentary, I just love all of it, be it good or bad, I appreciate that people here are kind enough to post on how to make something that they truly like in order to make it into something incredible.

Thanks Miasmic and everyone :), you really are bringing this to life.

24th September 2007, 22:18
Thanks Miasmic and everyone :), you really are bringing this to life.

And this is me killing it...

Boat Builder
25th September 2007, 00:34
Maybe his mommy told him to eat his vegetables and he sees the IRIS uniforms as green.

Hehe, the hidden is stuuupid. Any fool can tell they're lilac coloured. Duh.

(The colour of which, is either purple or white i believe. Thank you wikipedia.)

And this is me killing it...

Oh the humanity.

@Aaron: You could always just go ahead and try to create your idea with a map.

EDIT: Just so you know, i think the hidden hurts these poor people is because he wants to be a gardener. However, he does not have a garden. And he is mad.

(You did say everybody has their own take. That be mine)

25th September 2007, 01:02
EDIT: Just so you know, i think the hidden hurts these poor people is because he wants to be a gardener. However, he does not have a garden. And he is mad.

For some reason that made me think of Speaker For The Dead

25th September 2007, 01:52
Hehe, the hidden is stuuupid. Any fool can tell they're lilac coloured. Duh.

(The colour of which, is either purple or white i believe. Thank you wikipedia.)

To be fair, the confusion is understandable when you don't have functional eyes.

Boat Builder
25th September 2007, 02:19
For some reason that made me think of Speaker For The Dead

Great book. Don't remember to much of it though...

So i'm not quite sure what you mean by that.

I do remembery it was a little bit creepy. Until the end, when it was all explained.

I think.

25th September 2007, 02:27
Creepy is all you can say? I don't think I'll ever get over the sacrifice thing, honestly. You're supposed to eat what dies, not feed it to the trees... That's my philosophy. I don't trust plants much anymore. Little Shop of Horrors didn't help either.

If it's green, kill it.

Boat Builder
25th September 2007, 02:38
You're furthering my confusion.

Isn't that the book where those guys are studying the "piggys" and then the leader guy learns something about them and then get's sacrificed and transformed into a tree right?

If so then i think i'm with you so far :P

25th September 2007, 03:34
Well, it was like this ...

The piggies had three life phases. They acheived the third phase by having other piggies ritualistically kill and plant them, at which point they would grow into sentient trees with the same consciousness as the piggy that had been "killed". For them, it was an honor to have this happen.

They went off and "planted" humans in the same manner, not understanding that humans really only had one life phase, and thinking that they were conferring an honor on that human. (The humans were actually refusing to confer the honor on the piggy who planted them, because to a human it was murder - and the piggy social code basically said that under those circumstances *somebody* had damn well better get planted. So the piggies thought the humans were selfishly taking the honor for themselves, and the humans were choosing to be murdered rather than commit murder)

Which leaves us open to the possibility that 617 thinks he's doing you a favor.

... and that's all I'm going to say about that.

25th September 2007, 03:44
If it's green, kill it.

That is what Legend of Zelda games are for! :D

Wind Waker is particularily well suited to this.

25th September 2007, 05:04
And this is me killing it...

Wait... phrases like that usually indicate locking of a thread... yet, it's not.

25th September 2007, 05:18
That's because the moderators you know don't know a thing about it. Any jerk can moderate, but none of them can please a crowd.
Ging's got crowd-pleasing down pat.

Those piggys had it wrong, anyway. Don't eviscerate. Barbecue.

25th September 2007, 05:56
/requests digging animation with knife to be added...

and ground pinning.

Aaron Thy Baron
26th September 2007, 01:17
This is getting nowhere, why doesnt somebody want to help? I mean, its almost bothering that my idea has to be so bad no one wants to give a nice comment about it. I am all for you guys, but please, at least give some positive feedback. Also, lets all try to get back on the topic at hand.

27th September 2007, 15:37
From what i view the hidden maps currently in circulation (dev made) They are the hidden's attempts to escape from the IRIS, rather then him be intrenched in an area or live he's on the run.

Thats why i consider hdn_origin to be, the origin. He's escaped and done bad damage to the place but the IRIS is trying to prevent his escape, at least thats how i see it.

Sounds like the dodging would be more more 'pratice' based :(

Teamwork from the IRIS? Theres always a first.

I can see how it would be fun but i don't know that anyone wants to venture into it, I'm currently trying to do a hex_ map anyway..

Boat Builder
27th September 2007, 15:41
Given origin's name and the fact that there are other subjects hanging around within those tanks, and also that it looks like the tutorial, i feel sure that it is intended to be sort of where he comes from. Unless he goes back to kick ass.