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Senior Pablo
23rd September 2007, 02:35
I'm sure back in pre-development stages you guys thought the Hidden should have a strong-attack - possibly something that instills fear in the players. Well, the problem is that Pigsticking just is a bad game mechanic. Pigsticking is dividing the game's community and sometimes just causes players to quit outright. I'm not going to go and right about what's wrong about it but I'm just going to list the problems.

Pigsticking Problems
- Makes the Hidden too powerful in the hands of a skilled player.
- When disabled, the Hidden isn't powerful enough in the hands of a newcomer.
- And no matter what, dying instantly with no warning as an IRIS is definitely not fun.
I'm sure you guys are sick of threads complaining about the Pigsticker, but too bad. If the mod was any better there would be more players, more servers, bigger fanbase, ect. And removing the Pigsticker makes the mod better.

Here's my suggestion for replacing it.

- In the hands of a skill player, you can toy with players by launching them a decent distance. Also used as crowd control.
- In the hands of a newcomer, they can rely on it to push players off ledges inflicting damage. Shoving would be useful for knocking players over on nearly all the available maps.
- The only possibility of insta-death would be knocking people off ledges. Can be avoided by simply avoiding ledges.

23rd September 2007, 02:44
Already in the works mate.

23rd September 2007, 02:48
And not merely in the works in any limited or tentative sense -- shove is already full on implemented as a replacement for the pigstick!

Boat Builder
23rd September 2007, 02:54
You have ESP. Awesome. :D

Others have already said it's in the works, but you should check out the thread by Dr.Shark here on the forums as it contains any information the general public has recieved about B5 changes.

Hard-Dee-Darr (http://forum.hidden-source.com/showthread.php?t=8708)

That being said, if this was not already implemented, i'd just like to say that's a wonderful suggestion.

23rd September 2007, 16:59
You basically listed all the reasons that the changes are being made, as well as the specific changes themselves. Which is either really neat or really unnerving.

Regardless: B5 will see the near removal of the pigstick, replaced with a shove animation that is perfect for lobbing marines and barrels this way and that. The pigstick CVAR will remain, but even when on the pigstick only makes it's return when the hidden is at 20 health or lower.

25th September 2007, 18:57
So as you noticed, your post is a tad like mustard after the meal. Not to make you feel bad, but seriously...read first bud. Sure you can't be arsed to look through the entire forum but the search button can really help you out sometimes. But your thought is a good one, other ppl just came up with it quicker then you :p