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21st September 2007, 05:42
hi ...ive just started mapping for the hidden source and ive run into a slight problem with cubemaps (fake reflections) for some reason when i build them (in console buildcubemaps) it goes through the motions of creating them however at the end it just uses a difault skybox one resoulting in some awful white stuff....just wondering if anyone knows a fix for this .....thanks

21st September 2007, 08:49
1. Run the mod in fullscreen mode with a resolution of at least 800x600.
2. Start the map, type buildcubemaps (DON'T do that while in spectator [camera] mode, enter the game as Iris or Hidden first).
3. When the process is finished, close the map and reload it again. The cubemaps should now be applied properly.

21st September 2007, 09:24
I actually find I have to build the cubemaps (dont foget to do two runs if you are making a HDR level, one on HDR and one in LDR) and then quit the level and strat to run a DIFFERENT level to get the lightmaps loaded out of memory. Stop that 'replacement' level from loading as soon as it says 'connecting to server' and then reload your level. Your true cubemaps should be displayed in level now.

I found that if I just build the cubemaps and then reload the same level it still shows the default cubemaps. Longwinded and a bit lame really...

21st September 2007, 13:56
thanks guys getting some resoults ....ill keep fiddeling.........u guys reply asap ..nice 2 no anyhow cya 4 now