View Full Version : H:S On what should the devs focus?

19th September 2007, 15:03

I want to know what the H:S players want!

1. The Devs should fix bugs like hl2.exe crashs and/or expliots.

2. The Devs should improve the look of H:S.

3. The Devs should give up on H:S because it makes you angry like hell.

Well I just want to know what you guys think.
My personal Vote is 1. well maybe it opens the eyes of someone certain.

cya Chanz

19th September 2007, 15:14
From what i hear their already focusing like hell. This isn't nice to em :(

You forgot to add another option:

The Devs are Doing a Great Job, Worship Them!

19th September 2007, 15:28
I noticed your continued rant in the news comments but chose to ignore them - now you come along and post this. We are working on improving the stability of the game, if we weren't, b5 would be out by now.

If you spent less time complaining in news comments and more time reading the forum, you'd be aware that we changed nothing in the code base for the b4b release - so any crashes you're encountering come from either b4a, source or something about your machine / config.