View Full Version : Pipebombs and kill icons graphical problems

15th September 2007, 18:51
I'm having some odd problems when I play;

When I get hit by the Hidden's pipebomb, you ususally get a nice blur effect, but for some reason, I get a COMPLETELY BLACK SCREEN.
This means that it's GODDAMN HARD to even get away, and not even thinking of shooting :P
This goes away when the blur stops, so its a blur problem.

Other thing is, the kill icons are freaking HUGE.
They are about 1/8 of my monitor since, and although it dosn't really bothers me, it's a bug. :P

8800 GTX
C2D E6600
2GB RAM, 800mhz
650i Motherboard

I have played the version before the newest update with NO problems at all.
I'm playing with everything at max, (yes, everything, including bullet richocheting) and I have honestly no idea what this problem is caused by :confused:
If anyone knows, please tell :D

15th September 2007, 19:14
Re the black overlays:


(Some people have reported that they have to restart steam to get that to stick - I didn't, though, so ... )

15th September 2007, 20:11
What about the big icons? Were those explained and I just missed it?

15th September 2007, 20:51
Everyone has those big ass kill icons, although, it really makes it clear who killed who...

But not like it was a problem last time...

15th September 2007, 21:22
Works now, thanks :D
But it seems that I can still play with HDR on :P
Oh, well:)