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10th September 2007, 18:23
Maybe 50% done. Are the pictures too dark?



I really liked this picture:


and decided to make a map based around it, heh.

10th September 2007, 18:32
i think hdn_castle beat you to it.

the pics aren't too dark but the map itself is too monotonous, too open and too hidden friendy. break things up, giving the iris a chance in hell (aka cover) and limit the hidden's freedom by having enclosed areas as well.

Boat Builder
10th September 2007, 19:18
I'd suggest playing the aformentioned hdn_castle some so that you can feel out some ways you think you could impove on the idea.

And it is a great idea, just because there's already a map much like it doesn't mean you should stop.

Open places are great, they allow the hidden to whittle the IRIS down, and there's always that tension when the IRIS retreat to cover, but too much open area and many IRIS will not even bother trying to find the hidden, but just sort of laze about until they are attacked.

The open zones of the map should be memorable, places of extreme caution.

EDIT: A simple way to lessen the monotony (sp?) that Paegus mentioned would be to throw some torches in that courtyard you got going.

10th September 2007, 20:00
There is already an inside area, you can see the door in the first picture on the left, but it is basically a hollowed out square room at the moment so I didn't show it.

One criticism I agree with is that it looks too monotone. There are only so many stone textures so it is difficult to break up the bland looks, I'm trying to remedy this by getting fancy with the architecture so it doesn't look so plain. Even the areas that are pictured are incomplete, I'm going to add things in those open areas in the first picture - I tend to release screenshots way too soon. I was going to put torches up but I have been starting to lean more towards an ancient/modern hybrid ie the castle will be very old but will have modern technologies like spot lights and a renovated contemporary interior.

As for the map being too hidden friendly this is intentional, hidden favored maps are the most fun IMO (highrise stalkyard). I feel like giving the hidden mobility and high places to perch on makes for better gameplay, and its freaky seeing your IRIS friends get picked off one by one.

10th September 2007, 20:06
As far as the monotone, if you look at the illustration you posted, you'll see mostly cream and red colors. HL2 does have some similar textures which, if used right, should be able to duplicate somewhat closely the illustration...

10th September 2007, 20:22
Changing the textures drastically this far in is pretty extreme because I had stone in mind when doing the whole map, but I'll definitely consider it.

It would change the map's look and feel completely, but I don't like the bland stone everywhere look it has now.

11th September 2007, 07:51
Then add some lights. As I can see on the pic there are some lights shining from the bottom to the top. That would add some feeling.

And a big mistake of hdn_castle is: there are no props!!! You should add definetely enough things to throw!!!