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9th September 2007, 19:18
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WIP: Hdn_evacuated

Hey, i have resumed mapping on Evacuated after some time.

This map just reaches the medium size category apart from my 2 other maps. Wich were too small to play hdn in, but they were made mostly for eye candy..
However, this map contains;
Subject containment laboratory = 95 %
Cafeteria + Kitchen = 90 %
Small labs = 5 %
Cargo hold = 50 % (Hidden spawn)
Hallways (Connects the whole base) = 75 %
Check in area = 90 % (Iris spawn)
More to come if suggested
Note: Hidden and Iris are spawning quite close to each other, (meeting time is less than 30 secs i think)
and this will obviously be change later on in the progress.
I need 1 or 2 people to test this map for me, so feel free to volunteer, and a link with the download will be pm'ed

15th September 2007, 16:19
You might have read that there will be a mappack released to vote which maps are good and which are crap. So if you hurry with one or two of your maps, we can add it to the mappack. Just tell me, if there is a link to get it ;)