View Full Version : Can you play hidden with the HL:2 demo

4th August 2007, 10:54
I was wondering if it is possible to play H:S using the HL:2 demo you download off steam.

4th August 2007, 12:24
I don't believe the demo allows for mods to be loaded.

4th August 2007, 12:29
it didn't last time i checked. you must have a source game that uses the default hl2 content.

though there's a cheap hl2dm version running around that apparently lacks the ability to play mods as well...

4th August 2007, 21:00
Well my problem is i have a friend who would love to play H:S. but doesn't wanna buy H:L2 anyway all you need is H:l2 on your comp. Would H:S still work if I got on my steam account and downloaded H:l2 to his computer would he be able to run H:S?

Thanks for all the help

4th August 2007, 21:06
I don't think so - needs to be signed into a steam account with the game (HL2, or if you use steamappID 215 then you'll need a license for the Source SDK Base, included in most source games) licensed. :( Get him to buy hl2: dm or DoD or something...

4th August 2007, 21:11
yeah, you don't need hl2... you only need a source game that gives you access to the source sdk base.

counter-strike: source
day of defeat: source
episode 1
half-life: source