View Full Version : User account going screwy

2nd August 2007, 12:16
Okay, so my problem is the following:

Last week or so i registered to this forum so i can debate and discuss along to help ppl enjoy this game better, but then somehow the forums went down or something and i kept getting this error message saying:

www.forum.hidden-source.com is not available at this time please try the following:
Click the refresh button;
Exit the site and try through another link;
If none of the above work please wait for the problem to be solved.

And yes it did solve the only thing was that my thread (Fresh Meat, where others also posted to welcome me in) where i politely introduced myself was gone, the reply i made to another thread (the one where yet again the shotgun is the main discussion) was also removed and my entire user account was missing, and i had to re-register (and i had no problem using my alias, normally it should have said "User name already in use, please try another") now i'm wondering if this was just some thing gone wrong that can be fixed, or if someone intentionally removed my entire user account for reasons unknown, bit paranoid but i just can't help think that might have also happened.

I also have trouble getting access to the Edit Options section of my user CP, now i'm not sure if that is normal or if someone needs to look into it.

In any case, thank you for your attention, and i'm hoping to get an answer soon enough.

2nd August 2007, 13:27
There was a database issue, some of the more recent additions were lost when the database was repaired - they're gone for good.