View Full Version : New game Mode

28th July 2007, 07:02
I was thinking that like in the Game mode there is currently forget which one it is. When the Hidden kills a player they become a hidden but make it a 20 or possibly 30 player game type rather than the usual 10 player. The only problems I could see would be that many of the maps are too small to support that many players. And to deal with the fact that the Hidden will be outnumbered by a large number the hidden can respawn. The last marine alives becomes hidden next round. Oh and one more thing possibly give the hidden a choice of weaponry all CC of course but one that attacks slowly but does more damage, and another that attacks quickly but does little damage, the knife could be the middle ground between the two.

28th July 2007, 08:29
You mean the overrunmode, and I can promise you, that will never happen... ;)

28th July 2007, 10:19
and the server would either need to restart completely when shifting game modes as changing maximum player counts cannot be done without doing so OR the normal maps would need to eject the excess baggage (how do you choose who stays and who goes?) and then use sv_visiblemaxplayers 9 to fake the smaller player count. but admins would undoubtedly forget or actively choose not to set it so normal maps would have issues.