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14th July 2007, 21:27
Is there any way or program that can decompile a map so I can edit it in hammer?

14th July 2007, 22:02

However, recompiling and releasing a map that was not originally your own is very frowned upon. You need permission from the map's creator for that.

14th July 2007, 22:27
if you must decompile for educational purposes only. peopel usually frown on just doing that because 'there's millions of tutorials out there that explain this and that so you should go and read them and do it yourself' and so on. though frankly it's a lot easier to look at a map that does something you find interesting instead of looking for a tutorial on something you dont even know the words to describe...

as far as releasing modified recompiled maps, keep in mind that not only will the original author be quite unpleased but also that the .vmf you get from vmex (the decompiler for source maps) is not the same as the original source... not by a long shot. but if you get permission from the author then chances are you can get the original map source from them as well... unless they've lost it. but even then recompiling a decompile is not really a solution.

some maps are locked from decompilation so you'll get an error if you try.

14th July 2007, 23:01
I do plan on decompiling maps for educational purposes as I find many tutorials to be vague and most are written as to assume the mapper has experience. Things are much easier for me to learn when I can see and tinker with them.

I don't plan on releasing any maps that I do edit, and if I do, I'll be sure to ask for permission; to do otherwise is just rude. That person would've done most of the work.

I guess I'll see about getting the original .vmf then.


15th July 2007, 00:46
Decompiled maps aren't great to learn from except for entity setup - vmex is crap at generating good geometry and you'll get all sorts of nasty things like broken lighting (along with phantom issues, like the oddness at the top of the lift in stalkers)

6th August 2007, 22:00

Along the thread of decompiling maps, anyone know anything about this? I'd hate to get a map tossed off CSBanana if it turns out this is known/authorized.