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8th July 2007, 17:10
Recent startup site GameFlood (http://www.gameflood.com) has a Mod Competition (http://www.gameflood.com/Index.cfm/Mod/Contest/stgAct/ContestLanding) on and we would like to have a pop at getting some kind of interest from the public at large and maybe a little cash on the way.

They way it works is you can vote for the mod and the top ones go through after the 16th July with the potential to win some prizes. You also get score from comments, downloads and views as far as I can tell but I may have read wrong. The page even has a list of the top mods, etc and is updated on a daily basis so we can see how badly we are doing. :)

Anyways, to the point. The competition page (http://www.gameflood.com/Index.cfm/Mod/Contest/stgAct/ContestLanding) will explain far better than I and for those who are feeling helpful, the all important Vote for Hidden (http://www.gameflood.com/Mashup/Index.cfm/Half-Life-2-HL2/Mod/Hidden:-Source/Display/intModID/8435) page. The only real problem for some maybe the fact that only GameFlood members can vote, so it's a blatant attempt at getting member numbers up. If that's not a problem to you then go ahead, sign up and vote for us.

Now do as you please guys, this is merely us asking you to vote for us if you like the mod, see what we can get out of the comp. If you dont want to vote then don't. No one is twisting your arm. That is all, I'm outta here!

Night Raider
8th July 2007, 19:04
Aw, you have to join just to vote? I guess I'll do it, but just because it's Hidden.

Might as well vote for some other mods too. (In other categories, that is. :p )

8th July 2007, 23:07
You got my vote. :mad: Go Hidden, huzzah!