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21st June 2007, 08:33
JarHedz:Hidden[Rnd 617 - PsOn - Max 160 ping]

These two guys spent the entire map, and the one before it, TKing the entire team and then suiciding whenever either of them didn't get 617. I'm sorry I don't have their SteamIDs (what command is it btw?), but if it helps, it happened about half an hour ago (so 9:00ish AM GMT+1, June 21st, on docks and on that boat level). They also went under the name of Combine and Captain planet has a hero

See http://www.megaupload.com/fr/?d=09QQZ0Z4 for proof. Unfortunately, the actual mass TKs only start after the 3rdish IRIS spawn.

PS: if you check the logs for the map before the demo (docks) you'll notice that I did revenge TK on those assholes a few times, as did pretty much the entire team, if only so as to not get TKed myself. I have absolutely no excuse other than not having (yet) figured out how to make demos, despite my initial bluff. I can offer nothing but my apologies, and if I have to take the banstick so that they don't trouble other people, then I gladly will.

Have a nice day

21st June 2007, 08:39
"status" in console to see SteamIDs

Combat Wombat
22nd June 2007, 04:44
Antares is completely right i was playing on that server as well at the time. These 2 would tk as many people as possible oftentimes that was everyone because most people were just trying to play and didn't tk back then suicide to ruin the game for all. I did a fair bit of tking them back but honestly i have no remorse over it because those 2 asshats were making the game impossible to play. I just want to say that even though antares didn't get their ids if it is at all possible to ban them its worth the extra effort. Later on beef also started suiciding whenever it looked like the hidden was about to get him.