View Full Version : Graphics gone wierdo

14th June 2007, 06:46
I am having a problem with my graphics in the hidden. Firstly In every reflective surface, windows, water, reflective floor tiles etc I am seeing purple and black checkerboard patterns.

Secondly, the hidden has disappeared, I mean TOTALLY. If he hidden stands right in front of me and does a dance, I see nothing, not even a blur or an outline like I used too.

I recently reinstalled HL2 and hidden back onto my computer which has a new graphics card and such, and im running direct x 9. But have never run into graphics problems before. I cant play like this because I have NO chance of hitting the hidden unless I run around firing wildly and hit him by complete chance.

I have played hidden alot before so I know this isnt the way its supposed to be.

15th June 2007, 05:37
ok..i know what you mean.

1. Have you tried multiple servers?
2. Have you restarted steam?
3. Have you restarted your PC?

23rd June 2007, 00:08
I consistently get that when I change my Anti Aliasing settings then rejoin a server without restarting.

Try adjusting your AA then restarting the game.

Mart Ini
23rd June 2007, 14:01
could be a heat problem

23rd June 2007, 17:06
This is either caused by changing the AA settings in the video options
alt+tabbing to desktop and back to hidden
corrupted textures

first 2 most likely to happen, just restart the game and it should be fine.