View Full Version : Two minor suggestions.

7th June 2007, 13:44
We all know that getting naded basically is a death sentence when the hidden really likes to blurslash. He can simply walk up to your face and stab it off while you're wobbling around wondering what the hell just happened.

Is there any way to fade in the effect radially? I'm talking about having clear vision in the center, while your peripheral vision gets more and more blurry. It would at least give you a small chance of fighting back. :)

And the second suggestion, if you can, give us a cvar to disable the spectator overlay, or at least lower the opacity on it. It becomes annoying sometimes when you're gaming for a few hours straight.

7th June 2007, 17:36
i think the spectator overlays (at least on the helmet cams) is gone in b5. the mounted cameras still have it though... which in itself is odd since they should be better quality. but the interlace lines are just annoying on first person. the desaturation is pretty nice though. i actually nicked that and replaced my hidden's vision overlay with it set to 0 (or 1?) so it's all grey scale.