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6th June 2007, 17:09
Well it's fast coming to that time where I'm going to require a few volunteers to help me make sure that Babelfish has done it's job. I've been attempting to make French, German, Spanish and Italian language files so that Hidden is represented in the above languages correctly, rather than forcing you all to read English (how arrogant we were). With a few of the Hiddenites helping me out we have managed to get these versions all written, with German and Spanish already checked out as well by native speakers but I want second opinions where possible, just for accuracy's sake.

Therefore I'm looking for forumites who are fluent in English AND either German, French, Spanish or Italian (more than one is a bonus!). The more eyes that checks these the better to be honest, so if you want to help out let me know by PM please.

6th June 2007, 22:30
What about danish? I can do danish. :)

6th June 2007, 23:11
I can do French.

7th June 2007, 15:22
I can do swedish :D

9th June 2007, 06:39
i can do spanish..

9th June 2007, 09:28
I may be able to help on the Italian side. A bloke at work is italian so I can get him to proof read it.

I can do Welsh if needed :D.

9th June 2007, 09:57
i'd wager they they only need those listed in steam's language setup. so check there and if you can do it, do so.

9th June 2007, 21:27
Yo hablo español

10th June 2007, 06:01
i'd wager they they only need those listed in steam's language setup.


10th June 2007, 06:37
i'd wager they they only need those listed in steam's language setup. so check there and if you can do it, do so.

Awww... no Sindarian Elvish? Blast!

10th June 2007, 08:27
I can do Australian :p

10th June 2007, 09:04
Awww... no Sindarian Elvish? Blast!

Actually, it's in there. Valve is ca-razy!

11th June 2007, 16:02
i can do the spanish one...I'm from Spain:)

11th June 2007, 17:29
Spanish and German are sorted now but I really do need French and Italian checking/writing properly. If anyone can help out on these two languages get in touch...

12th June 2007, 07:13
Im about halfway through, still have some kinks to knock out.

12th June 2007, 17:51
My friend at works hasd been looking through the Italian and says its pretty decent so far.

24th June 2007, 21:07
If you want anyone to do a Norwegian one, I'm here.

I can also be a "second opinion" on the Danish or Swedish ones.

8th July 2007, 04:48
I could help with french, I'm a Quebecer(French Canadien). I could show you an article I've written from french to english if you want.

9th July 2007, 02:52
I'm fluent in Spanish but will be going back to Spain for 4 weeks on the 13th of july and won't have an internet connection so let me know if you need help.

12th July 2007, 13:30
I should be able to translate a fair part into danish, otherwise i know a official translator. ;)

And i Danish.

Jeg burde kunne ovsætte en del til Dansk, ellers kender jeg en officel translatør.

Had been teached in english for over 10 years now. and been able to communicate verbal in english since i was 12.