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Banana Phone
19th May 2007, 21:51
This thread is quite similiar with this thread:http://forum.hidden-source.com/showthread.php?t=8252

I really liked the idea that -SM-SUCKER made. Quick reload VS calm reload. So when I red his thread I got this idea:

So, when you're walking around and looking for a guy named hidden and suddenly get stabbed in your back. Then you begin to shoot wild around of you (most of the people and newbies.) Then you've spend all of your bullets in nothing, And have to reload. Then it's typical that the hidden strikes when you're reloading. But the difference between my thread and -SM-SUCKER's is that I want the I.R.I.S. to get a shock. Like the adrenalin effect. Then he can run and reload a bit faster. Maybe some moaning too? That will make the game a little creepier and a better chance to survive. But I think that the adrenalin effect shouldn't last long. Then it wouldn't be any point of getting those adrenlalin shots. :rolleyes:

(Sorry for my bad spelling :( )

20th May 2007, 01:35
I think the developers want you to be an easy target while reloading. You cannot switch weapons while reloading. This way you will think twice before reloading.
I just wanted to see the possibilty for the IRIS to keep their half full magazines if they have enough time. This way the Hidden would be forced to do some more action to prevent them from using the slow reload. Like some sort of bonus for causing mayhem :) or penalty for retreating to soon :(