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15th April 2007, 16:14
Well installed vista last night . when through a long phase of bs trying to install 64 bit drivers for everything but its works.

but now im pissed :D

when i play battlefield 2 im getting screechin and crap like everyone once awhile which i never used to

and now battlefield 2142 instead of screechin and lockin up after 20 min of play does the same thing(atleast i can play it)

but ehh. i think creative needs to get there head out of there arses and fix the Fooking problems.

anyone else have this problem. let me know if i can fix it, because it only does in in battelfield >:/ nothing else

15th April 2007, 17:45
If I remember correctly BF2 & 2142 do not really work well with Vista. Should google bout it more.

Think some people have found some sort of fix for it, but they don't support the vista for DICE's BF series.

15th April 2007, 19:22
hahahah im so stupid but yet smart.

if anyone is having this problem i know how to fix it now

well you can bitch at ea for this. but if you run vista , both battlefields use a bf2openal.dll

well now those lazy foos forgot to upgrade that dll :( to the newer version

and well having old openal driver thats was like 8 monhts old will mess crap up. so if anyone needs the link message me or tell me and ill post it here :D

(vista is alright :D) but ehh they still need to fix some crap :D

16th April 2007, 10:14
a link would be nice :) Cheers. I have a friend who's running BF on vista with no problems btw, but still...

16th April 2007, 19:56
here ya go forgot to tdo it :D


18th April 2007, 17:38
cheers man. Will post that on the mainpage of the mod i belong to actually ;)

19th April 2007, 00:05
i forgot if that exe update yur bf. if not you need to take a certain openal.dll file and rename it bf2openal.dll and place it in either yur bf2 or bf2142 game and it fixes that screechin sound ive been getting. :D enjoy i hoped i helped because i spent 2 hours looking for that forum crap to fix it