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12th April 2007, 13:21
Hi guys

I have a part in the my map that you press a botton and it starts moving
now when the round restart the part is still moving

I know you could just put in the outputs / Parts name and stop at the time i want
But I would like it to be reset each time the round restarts just like in cs:s
anyone got any ideas how to do this in hidden

Custom sounds in to my map
I have my sounds in wave file type but i like to know where i have to put them so i can use them in my hidden map
I also know you have to put them in the bsp file or send them with map when i am done
Any help will be good

thanks for helping

12th April 2007, 20:53
Let's see...

1) Use a Logic_start with an OnMapStart output... or whatever it is.

2) Look up bspzip. That'll be the thingy that sneaks custom files into your map.