View Full Version : Immature players, votebanner?

11th April 2007, 21:14
(Skip down to the line if you don't wanna hear y I'm asking for this in future versions.)
Long story, heres short version. I joined, a server, as a support, with sonic alarms. I placed 1 and someone ran through it, he ran away, I placed another, he came back and ran through it, I asked him not to, and placed the third, he destroyed it.

Next round: I placed an alarm, he called me a pussy for camping, I ignored him, 3 other ppl told him to stfu cuz he spammed "Your a camping pussy" and blocked us from getting out of the spawn (in sewers) each round.

Can we get a vote banner for in-game? There was no admin in the server, there was no website for the server, and I have to leave cuz one person ruined the game? I say a votebanner bans them for 1 hour. I wasn't the only one that left, cuz I met up with 4 out of the other 8 ppl in another server just a minute later.

11th April 2007, 22:05
there is already votekick/ban systems available and it is usually left up to the server admin to implement such things or not as they please or are able.

13th April 2007, 11:41
And if there is no admin or voteban/kick system available, the whole team should have tked him when he started blocking the door.