View Full Version : well, i searched for the thread 'illegal alias'

6th April 2007, 22:37
to try and fix that problem I have been having, and the only threads I found contained people yelling at the thread creator to search for 'illegal alias' problem threads.

Anyone mind linking me to the original thread, or, does anyone mind telling me how to fix this problem I have when I try to join a server?


6th April 2007, 22:53
Make hidden shortcut of hidden on desktop.

Right click said shortcut, click properties.

In the target box where it says -applaunch 220 change 220 to 215.

And then boot hidden with that shortcut on the desktop.

6th April 2007, 23:20
there is no target box that says applaunch 220

7th April 2007, 00:21
Click on "SDK BASE" in my siggy below. that should help you with the 'illegal alias' problem.

You got that backwards. 'illegal alias' is a 215 problem conflicting with servers using CvarX.

7th April 2007, 03:54
My bad, sorry about that.