View Full Version : Problem on Sending Client Info?

20th March 2007, 19:22
I just installed the MOD yesterday, both for my client and for my dedicated server. (I am using SRCDS). Whenever I start my server, I get no error messages, but whenever I try to connect to it (or anyone else does, for that matter), it always gets stuck on "Sending Client Info" at around 80-85%. Now, for any other server (CS:S, HL2DM, Source Forts), there's no problem. People can connect. But when it comes to The Hidden, it gets stuck.

Any and all ideas/help would be much appreciated! :)

EDIT: For more info, in the "hidden" folder for SRCDS, I changed SteamAppID to 215. I disabled NetBios. I tried a few other things that I saw recommended here in various threads. Open to other ideas/help :D

20th March 2007, 20:44
you need to restart Steam after changing the SteamAppId.

21st March 2007, 01:48
Do I also change the SteamAppID in my Steam files for client side???

21st March 2007, 09:56
you only need to adjust the setting on the client. changing it on the server makes no difference as it uses the same binary and .dlls no matter what its gameinfo.txt says

alternatively you need an outdated fileset as mentioned here (http://forum.hidden-source.com/showthread.php?t=8045&page=2)

21st March 2007, 15:22
I changed it on mine to 215, and it works now. So for the friends that play on my hosted server, I had them change it as well by putting a Hidden icon on their desktop and changing the properties of that.