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18th March 2007, 21:48
I think the one thing the Hidden is lacking is an open ended combat system.

For example, pretend your hidden on stalkyard (and there is a crowbar or two lying around for the crates, etc). You should have the ability to throw your knife, run over, grab a metal panel and equip it, grab a crowbar, run around like that, etc. It would make for a much more dynamic game if it allowed the Hidden to be resourceful with his weapons. Of course, you could just keep the knife and it would be like classic gameplay, but thats up to the user. I think it could be balanced pretty well (for example, if you have a shield you can mitigate damage from the side or front (if your blocking), but because its larger then say, a knife, its not cloaked as well.

Any thoughts?

18th March 2007, 22:59
I don't remember the statement entirely but I do believe that Ging expressed that he doesn't want to add any more weapons. The hidden doesn't need a shield in most cases anyway as he can just pounce away from the iris provided he has enough stamina.

18th March 2007, 23:04
that and they'd be visible until the supposed bio-electric field saturated them. so he'd have to camp for half the round or more until they disappear... boring

18th March 2007, 23:27
The field would be instant, it would just cloak larger items worst then smaller ones. Also, I am not proposing adding more weapons, just increasing the realism by letting the hidden actually use whats around (and be more resourceful). It's not about what the hidden needs to play, it would just make the game more fun. Take Crysis for example, you could build a perfectly good game without super strength, super speed, etc, but it wouldnt be as fun necessarily.

Just like when your planning a level you need 2-3 entrances to a room minimum, when your planning a game you need multiple avenues of attack (and ways to build strategy into the game). Right now there is:

Throw a grenade
Crate instant kill (not so much)

So for most people, you have two avenues of attack. As IRIS, you know he's either going to knife you, or you will hear a 'tink' of a grenade. What I am proposing opens up the attack system so you might see some new ways of attacking people.

19th March 2007, 00:01
Which all ultimately equate to the same thing, using a melee weapon...

Just because you've changed the weapon doesn't mean you've provided anything new.

19th March 2007, 00:07
might be interesting to break up the monotony by iris-heading the kabar and have multiple shapes & textures that are either picked randomly at each round-start or based on what iris member they choose.

a complete waste of time and polygons but a fun gimmick none the less.

19th March 2007, 00:10
Basically the equivalent of lightsaber hilts in Jedi Knight 2/JKA. I'd rather just have new slash animations than a different looking knife.

19th March 2007, 00:20
yeah... i messed around with that a bit but too bad valve screwed the animation call pooch and calls the animations by number as they appear in the .QC instead of just by trigger alias so the extra animations won't work when playing in a server that uses a different model than yours.

19th March 2007, 02:31
I believe the animations should work if you put in multiple animations with the same activity name - it should (I think) pick randomly from them and play one.

I may be completely off base, it's late and I'm tired.

19th March 2007, 09:16
it does if you host the server using the customized model. but for some reason the SERVER calls the animations and it calls them in sequence as they appear in the .QC

for instance if the server's model has them ACT_VM_DRAW (or whatever it is), HOLSTER, IDLE, ATTACK and ATTACK2 appearing in that order in the .QC but your custom model has them listed IDLE, ATTACK, ATTACK2 DRAW, HOLSTER then when you try to fire your gun plays the DRAW animation because it's the 4th in the list. on the other hand if you host using your custom model then when other players connect they'll get the HOLSTER animation when they try to fire because it's 2nd.

it was all quite sad making really...

at least it did when i tried it last time so i guess i'll try again and see if they fixed it but i wont get my hopes up.

19th March 2007, 10:00
so if there were multiple animations in the official file, it would all be fine and dandy :)

Only problem would be that (i'm sure) your nice model/animations people are busy doing something more important :(

19th March 2007, 11:09
yeah. if you have 50 entries for a given ACT_VM_ alias in the server's model then you not only can but must have 50 corresponding animations in the client's model but they have to appear in the same order as the server's.

so i suppose the team could just duplicate the current sets and have any number of attack/draw/reload slots leaving room for custom animators to work away. but it would be so much cleaner for the server to just ask any ACT_VM_WHATEVER to step forward instead of "animation number 2 please"

19th March 2007, 14:12
I like where this is going.

Another cool thing would be some different reload animations for the IRIS. Perhaps a different anim for when a marine gets attacked. It's kinda weird right now that you can calmly pull out the clip then slowly reach out for another when there's some guy with a knife attacking you. :D

19th March 2007, 14:29
calmly pull out the clip then slowly reach out for another when there's some guy with a knife attacking you.

Its called military training :) The guys have been informed about the Hidden.