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10th March 2007, 13:44
granted i've never actually played the new Ghost Recon (because my computer's crap and i really can't afford either the game or the needed upgrade to play it right now anyway) but from various videos i've seen their hud elements seem to float around as if they're part of the helmet and not locked into the view as most are.

so anyway i think it's a pretty nice effect and some fun could be had with it in hidden. mainly with the iris aura that may or may not be being worked on. mostly to de-sync the overlay sprites when you turn too fast but also for things like pipebomb hits. in addition to the blurred vision the hud could go all wonky and fuzzy for a time slightly longer than the normal vision blur lasts. perhaps with erroneous bits of data appearing randomly on the hud as the system sorts itself out.

dunno how hard it would be to implement though.

and some of the head models might need an eye-piece added to match...

10th March 2007, 15:46
Very cool Paegus. I'll second that.

10th March 2007, 16:35
Sounds very cool

I'll third that

10th March 2007, 17:21
The less HUD there is, the better...

10th March 2007, 17:30
true and i'm not arguing that. just looking for ways to make what hud there must be into as tangible an object as possible that is affected directly by the world at large instead of some passive non-entity that's simply there because, let's be honest here, it has to be. especially with the iris aura and what-not.

10th March 2007, 19:12
Ok, but in GR you can see the little lens-screen glowing green infront of each of your teammates' goggles. Would require updating the models.

10th March 2007, 19:22
Ok, but in GR you can see the little lens-screen glowing green infront of each of your teammates' goggles. Would require updating the models.

and some of the head models might need an eye-piece added to match...

I think it was covered, Zab ;)

10th March 2007, 19:37
i was thinking not only this, but have some effects like in Dark Messiah... as in if you get smacked with a box or something you can watch the person stumble to the ground like a drunk guy after an all-nighter..... but, i guess floating hud sounds good enough

10th March 2007, 20:34
I'd go for this for sure! [counting]... ...

I fourth that motion!

10th March 2007, 20:36
the problem with knock-down effects is making them look realistic and converting between the essentially rag-doll structure and the player controlled one. true DM does use Source and they did a pretty decent job of it and i'm sure the H:S team could do it as well if they had as much access to the source engine as the DM team did but they don't.

though on the subject of knocks, knock-abouts would be a good place to start. similar to the pipebomb impacts, physics impacts could bash the hud around a bit as well. perhaps not to the same fuzzy, erroneous data extents but some at least. might even be fun to give the hidden the ability to semi-permanently de-sync the hud overlay from the world by some degree. correctable by a team-mate similar to the ammo request? meh... extra radio button requirement would do well to fill the extra radio menu i smell on some distant horizon if they expand their current set much. though if not then having it show up automatically on other players' hud that yours is de-synced so any supply class types could run up to you and fix it hex duration/rotation(?) button style for extra weights might work. but i've long since lost my appreciation for the weighting system as it is...

10th March 2007, 21:35
It probably doesn't require the innards of the source engine to do knockdowns, but it WOULD be a fair amount of coding and animation work, regardless.

Regardless... I'd go for this applying to what little HUD may remain. This'd be the health indicator and ammo, mostly... possible the location text. If it translated whenever the player looked around (as if if there was a delay in the HUD reorienting itself with the player), that'd be a slick effect.

10th March 2007, 23:44
And, of course, the HUD would need to be redrawn so it looks the floaty type. Fixed HUDs that wander just don't look right.

11th March 2007, 09:20
I had some idea to make the HUD all static and erroneous if you get hit, but it just fell into the depths of the internet.

11th March 2007, 10:02
hmm i searched but 'hud' is too short and for whatever reason i didn't think of 'static' right of the bat.

the static while the hidden is close up is a nice idea but i doubt it'll be implemented as the stickies regulate such things. i dont quite recall the SC2 merc hud beyond the knock-down/get-up static. was it all floaty as well?
if so then welcome to IRIS Static effect v2.0. now with less word filter derailment!

11th March 2007, 17:20
hmmm, you could apply an interesting shader effect to make it look asif you're looking out from the inside of a helmet... Perhaps a bit of dirt, a little scratch etc. (i skimmed the thread - we ARE talking about implementing this moving HUD in the context of a helmet, yes? Otherwise it just doesn't seem to make sense; a hud without a helmet is unrealistic - which isn't a problem in itself - but you should never try to make something that isn't meant to fit with reality more realistic)...

And if that was one long sentance with not enough pause for making sure I made sense, do let me know.

ps. gruber should CLEARLY have inside-of-a-helmet shader/decal/whatever applied :D

11th March 2007, 20:14

11th March 2007, 23:59
either a helmet or a one eye piece that combines hud data, player camera and radio ear-piece...

a helmet would do as well but then everyone would need one and the models would all look too darn similar

something vaguely Aliens styled at least http://www.defense-update.com/features/du-3-05/feature-OLED.htm

12th March 2007, 03:18
I'm not for changing the models. They look perfect to me. But on the HUD side I'd love to see a little static and blur from being hit with pipe bombs and barrels. :cool:

12th March 2007, 03:21
Problem comes from redesigning heads. A few members wear shooting glasses, Gruber has his gas mask...

12th March 2007, 11:23
the ones already wearing things need no change at all as it can easily be argued that their hud is already integrated into such things. and it's hardly a requirement anyway. just a nice touch if done properly.

12th March 2007, 19:47
i just thought up something stupid that i just noticed..... why can gruber see clearly out of his mask?? to fix this, i was thing to have an SC:CT effect, where when you stick on a gas mask you can actually see the the two eye pieces or a connect one and the rest is black whilst all at once, showing the HUD as transparent in the eye pieces.... just an idea

12th March 2007, 19:53
i just thought up something stupid that i just noticed..... why can gruber see clearly out of his mask??

ps. gruber should CLEARLY have inside-of-a-helmet shader/decal/whatever applied :D

Felf already beat you to that.

12th March 2007, 19:55

12th March 2007, 19:56
why can gruber see clearly out of his mask??

What mask? That's his face...

12th March 2007, 19:59
hahaha, funny

12th March 2007, 21:26
well i suppose per-head hud layouts would be fun and all to really get that individual touch but then you'd need stereoscopic rendering otherwise it'll be inconsistent... and look pretty crap.

12th March 2007, 22:55
it would be cool if different characters (ie. gruber) had different hud layouts.... or possibly in the options menu, you can customize your layout

12th March 2007, 23:54
it's not gonna happen guys.

14th March 2007, 19:40
it's not gonna happen guys.

(Even a nice little shader effect for gruber's helmet? :p)

15th March 2007, 07:48
I liked the idea of a kinda floating hud; like in Metroid Prime (only its way over the top for what HS needs). I also liked the lag you had when you looked side to side like at about 47sec in this vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNwyaBo4pko

But I dont like that you can see the helmet in that view. I think its too much. If it were to be put in (which Im pretty sure it was just said above ^^^ that it wasn't) I'd get surgery for more hands so I could give more thumbs up :D