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6th March 2007, 18:57
For those who havent seen anything of this yet the website can be found here (http://www.ornetwork.org/decloak/index.html). It seems like it could be a lot of fun (when they release Beta 1). Ill be keeping my eye on this one. I just get the feeling I've seen some of the mechanics of this game before somewhere. Just cant quite put my finger on it... :)

EDIT: As mentioned below it's actually now available...

6th March 2007, 19:07
A completely invisible dude? Na, doubt it mate ;)

6th March 2007, 19:09
Looks cool.

DECLOAK : SOURCE beta 1 will be released in the coming days.

Hope that's not valve time.

6th March 2007, 19:35
Looks more like a Hidden HL2DM pluggin... site is lacking style also.

6th March 2007, 19:52
I dunno didnt seem to similar to hidden to me. I like the flashlight aspect.

6th March 2007, 20:19
so it's hidden meets Stargate... as least the T.E.R. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transphase_Eradication_Rod)s... minus the E.

6th March 2007, 21:13
Looks fun. Will have to check it out. Looks like its available to download.

6th March 2007, 21:17
Looks fun. Will have to check it out. Looks like its available to download.

Wow, I just checked 2 hours ago and it wasn't. DLing now...

6th March 2007, 21:39
No servers, this upsets me. I cant see (from what I've played) what would stop me from being invisible all the time and just go straight for the exit though. Why would I ever want to turn my invisibilty off?

6th March 2007, 21:49
We won't know until a server is up, I guess. When one is available, we should get some H:S regulars/devs together, give it a proper thrashing through, see if it's any good.

6th March 2007, 22:01
Well, I just got BSOD on the second round of playing by myself.

6th March 2007, 22:04
One map, people. Decloak has ONE map. Lockdown. If the gameplay is any good, I'd port some more over.

6th March 2007, 23:02
im runing a server right now.. and the mod dev is in it. guy called gamehopped

Hiddenite's Clandetine cake or something...

6th March 2007, 23:46
I dunno didnt seem to similar to hidden to me. I like the flashlight aspect.
Yes yes yes. Looks like it is great fun :)

6th March 2007, 23:50
it's not all that bad really. trip mines and such...
i keep trying to toss things hidden style... but the physgun doesn't react quite the same.

7th March 2007, 04:47
the downloads page is back up

if you downloaded a version already please redownload as a client crash fix has been put in this new beta1a version

thanks and enjoy

7th March 2007, 05:36
got the newest client. seems to work okay but sometimes the cloak effect (aka my weapons becoming transparent) doesnt work. I'm assuming that the cloaking effect still works but i just cant tell.

oh, and some of the weapons don't make sounds when you fire them.

thats it. looking forward to playing in a real server.

7th March 2007, 15:22
Yeah, its pretty fun. Flick style physics throws don't work the same as Hidden. I noticed the cloaking visual problem. If you switch weapons your new weapon should show correctly.

7th March 2007, 16:32
I am certainly looking forward to this game, however slow the download may be (16KB/S). I do doubt the people who think this game is remotely like Hidden beyond the visibility aspect though. That in itself, is different. I guess we'll wait and see ;)

7th March 2007, 17:52
Downloaded quick for me. Played a few rounds. Was kind of slow. Once its more polished I imagine it could be quite a fun mod.

7th March 2007, 19:05
I'm guessing you got lag too eh? :p

7th March 2007, 20:00
It's a real fun mod, but I find their lack of servers disturbing.

Also, explody barrels = cloaky nade.