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5th March 2007, 11:41
Greetings all. I'd like to introduce a project I started working on about two days ago, entitled hdn_subway. This is my first venture into Source engine mapping, so I expect it to be quite an adventure.

The layout was done in Macromedia Flash, and I will provide more details regarding the project after work. Grid size is 32 units per box.

Also, the title may change, as I realize "hdn_subway" is quite generic.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


5th March 2007, 12:39
looks ok but the main tunnel crossing seems a bit limiting. assuming it's not to scale and there is going to be a platform of sorts there... or you could do something different and have it be a purely maintenance area where normal passengers never go. adjacent to the normal platform area. sorta Underworldy or whatever that semi romantic comedy movie about people living in subway stations was called. could be near impossible for the hidden with all the narrow corridors but litter them with pipes to be perched on and the ceilings be high enough to pounce over people without need of crouching to make up for it. lots of side corridors as well.

and i recall the name being taken already but perhaps that map was never actually released or it was for beta 2 or somethinging and didn't catch on.

5th March 2007, 18:11
Looks good, but will it have any perchable places for the hidden?

And make sure there's enough height for the hidden to pounce over the iris comfortably.

And from the map the iris spawn looks very campable.

5th March 2007, 18:33
Could be a cool map with custom textures. Also, you'll probably be in need of a good subway train model.

5th March 2007, 18:50
Started working on a subway train once to put in a map with the subway setting.
You can open the trainstation sdk tut map from hl2 and copy the train and start adjusting it towards your need.
saves you allot of work;)

5th March 2007, 18:51
Gief me your leet Photoshop skills :(...
Or a turtorial site that has some turtorials I can ACTUALLY use :)

Oh wait.. You made it in Flash? Blah

5th March 2007, 19:21
I love drawing in flash.

5th March 2007, 20:40
Its hard to gauge too much from a top down drawing, but I'm sure it will turn out to be special. I know that my concept layouts mean very little to anyone beyond myself.