View Full Version : Possible stats exploiter

2nd March 2007, 20:49
STEAM_0:1:5133929. check out his stats. 1,500 kills in one day?

2nd March 2007, 21:03
Has been brought to attention already. I have played with him several times. I would rather believe his stats information was messed up and send to the server all at this day. Let's ask the pros: Chilly?

4th March 2007, 23:40
There was a problem a couple of days ago with log lines being repeatedly parsed (basicly one kill line might have been parsed and logged several hundred times). I am working on weeding out the bad stats (which is entirely possible due to the nature of my data structures) but it's a complex procedure and I'm still testing my algorithm on my offline copy of the database.

For the short while I wouldnt trust the stats - especially if someone has a strangely high score (or low, 1 TK could have been logged 500 times :( ).

Sorry, its my fault and its a tough one to get the fix out.