View Full Version : Compatibility with other HL2 mod maps?

28th February 2007, 00:25
I don't even know if this is possible, either by copyright or whatever other means, but I figured I'd ask it anyway.

Is it possible to port some other maps that are played on the HL2 engine (like maps in CS: Source or HL2: DM) to be playable on Hidden? I'm a long-time Counter-Strike player and think it would be awesome to be able to play Hidden on some of those maps.

Just a general wondering.

28th February 2007, 00:50
directly? no.

you need the info_marine_spawn, info_hidden_spawn and info_spectator entities. this can usually be done quite easily with an entity edit though so no recompiling is needed. there's usually other entity work needed to get gameplay and other entity aspects to work properly out of its native game.

then you need to either import all the non-hl2 content of those maps into hidden or more conveniently package it into the map itself. if the map is based purely on content that you will always have access to no matter what source game you have (aka the base HL2 content) then it's not such a big deal as you'd need to have it anyway to play hidden. otherwise you're breaking IP legalities and can righteously get stomped on.

beyond that most maps are not designed for pouncing and wall clinging so there may be a lot of other optimizations which will make the map look and play pretty badly.

28th February 2007, 01:13
Please contact the creator of the original map and ask his consent before decompiling and porting any of anyone else's content.