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21st February 2007, 08:21
doodle bunk

21st February 2007, 08:23
Ging, or whatever the devs name is for this game. Contact Pat glynn and let him know who you are.

Include what he has to offer in B5 and this game will gain many many many more players and some interesting new gameplay.

Constructive, thoughtful and has done his research before posting. Just what we need...

21st February 2007, 08:30
the post actually wasnt for anything except for the devs to contact pat glynn, now that youve seen the thread it will be deleted.

the dev is ging correct?

go to


immediately... please

21st February 2007, 08:36
Theres more to this team (http://www.hidden-source.com/team.htm) than just G you know. People, how easily they forget...

A simple PM to one of us would prbably do just as well as making us fly into an IRC chat room for hours wouldn't it? I don't think G is up yet anyways.

/Turns back to Hammer

21st February 2007, 10:54
Hm? What? So people can play Hidden with the wiimote?

21st February 2007, 11:32
I don't get it... Why don't you email me?