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18th February 2007, 21:37
If you've ever played splinter cell in multiplayer you'd know there are these gadgets called spy traps that are similar to the sonic alarms in hidden:source.

When you'd carry them you could place either a spytrap or a presence detector. Presence detectors would emit a beep every 3 seconds or so, and if a spy was in it's radius then, the detector would show up on your HUD.

If you haven't already figured where I'm going, a presence detector would be a nice alternate ability for the sonic alarm. Say you'd press the secondary fire while holding out a sonic alarm, and you'd change modes on it. After you place it on the wall, it would emit a pulse every X seconds, and if the hidden is within Y meters of the gadget when it pulses, it would sound out an alarm.

You could place these in places where the hidden usually lies in wait to attack IRIS, or in any other place you'd find useful.

18th February 2007, 21:44
I like the idea. They worked moderately well in SC, so they would be useful here.

18th February 2007, 22:08
I don't know, the pulse would have to be consistent, and the range couldn't be too far. I'd say perhaps 1 1/2 meters with a 360 degree pulse every six seconds.

But, gentlemen, this isn't SC, and in SC the teams are balanced, not 8-1.

18th February 2007, 22:10
They may be balanced, but there isn't some invisible guy who can jump extremely far and kill you in about 1 1/2 second.

18th February 2007, 23:40
sounds interesting... the range would need to be quite limited though. but why bother with the dual modes? have it do both.

i don't really see the point though. if the hidden just sits there triggering the alarm so what? he'll either kill it and move on or just move on. it would work better if only the iris could hear it. say through their radios or something? but if you do that for the proximity sensor you'd need to do it for the normal trip-beam. which would in itself be an interesting re-balance.

combine that with the electronic aura in the works for the iris and i think the hidden's job is going to be a lot harder...

18th February 2007, 23:53
Electronic Aura? Damn, I wish I had been here longer... Anyways, I do see your point in how they would move on quite quickly.

19th February 2007, 18:46
combine that with the electronic aura in the works for the iris and i think the hidden's job is going to be a lot harder...

For beta5, I presume?

19th February 2007, 19:02

Gunner Elite
1st March 2007, 10:34
I Dont really see the big hasle with this, i think its a great idea. its not my choice but i want this to happen, it would be probably just as useful as the trip wires, maybe create a red light on it so its not completely invisible to the hidden and make it so the hidden can hear the sounds it gives off maybe? suggestions suggestions.

1st March 2007, 11:12
hmm just had an interesting thought... given the other implications of the electronic aura, the sonic alarm could also/instead transmit range data to the IRIS's HUD so instead of just having a sprite pulse where the alarm is, it would instead show the sprite pulse where the beam was broken. this would help 2 fold. first off it would let you place an alarm that covers a long open area and instead of having just the audio alarm to say that something along this line has happened it would give a more precise location. secondly, on the assumption that this isn't an easy issue to fix, it would directly show players what is triggering their alarm if they place them where the beam intersects things the trace can't digest as static like transparent/detail brushes and various models. balancing could be done by the farther away from the sonic the player is the fuzzier the range data is. that way if you're at the far end of the hallway where the beam terminates and the hidden moves past the beam right next to you, you get a very faint, fuzzy, diffuse pulse which is practically useless. though you're more likely to get garbled positional data from signal degradation as it bounces down the hall and have the pulse show up at some wonky locations (yes that's plural) where there aren't even any beams.

i'd still like to see how it would play if the sonic alarms were only virtually sonic. as in they don't actually emit the sound, just a radio pulse that the IRISs' radios triangulate for them. to balance it, the sonic's could have a very faint electronic hum that shows up visually in aura if the hidden was close enough to it... 2~3 metres tops.