View Full Version : Begin of round IRIS Lag

9th February 2007, 23:29
For some reasons on the larger maps, there is a lag (regardless of the # of people) for IRIS between round start and when the frame updates. During this lag period you can move around and when your screen refreshes, you'll be to wherever you walked to, but its a supreme disadvantage (as hidden doesn't lag).

Now i'm not entirely sure when this started happening but here's what I changed since when it was working:

Upgraded XP to Vista (I'm fairly confident it was working great here though)
Updated hl2mp + srcds (<-- I think this is it)

The only reason I updated it was because it was giving an error message SpewAndLogActivate on startup and this was preventing me running srcds as a service. I reverted back to shortcut launching and the problem still isn't resolved. I have an old version of srcds I could copy ontop of but is there a better way?

9th February 2007, 23:46
On knights, I think because I have very low ping, this doesnt happen to me but I can see it happen to the other players. I've had it happen to me on other servers as well, and have got some complaints about it.
I also saw hiddens who could care less take advantage of it to nade and rush the spawn.... COUGHCA$HCOUGH...