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9th February 2007, 17:16

As much as I argue with people saying "get em all out of our country" I'd rather have what we've got than this sort of shit. I can honestly say that I'd rather america sink than have people like this in the world.

9th February 2007, 17:39
Words cant describe people like him.

9th February 2007, 19:54
"We need heroes like him... uhh... to do the fightin.... uhhh.... that we gotta do around the world... for them terroristes n stuf"

Yeah man! what a patriot! Im so proud.

9th February 2007, 20:01
yes.. screw iraq and the whole "war on terror" thing... lets just go back to merrily sucking our thumbs like we did in WWII (and I for that matter)...

9th February 2007, 20:14
ah, good stuff, good stuff. I've gotta say, he's right; Shooting at tanks with union Jack's ontop is sure gonna scare them terrorists... :rolleyes: I mean, if we're shooting at our own people, we're sure as hell not gonna think twice about shooting at arabs! ¬¬

The only thing that bothers *me* is that although the MOD had the video for ages, they didn't allow it to be used in trial because "the American DoD did not authorise it for release" - but wait, this is the British justice service, so why the hell were we waiting for their authority anyway?? Such is life. That good ole' "Special" relationship that we "enjoy".

9th February 2007, 21:14
Know what depresses me?
One person dead. One person injured.

Is that what passes for friendly fire these days? Tsk.
If you want friendly fire, pepper your own infantry with artillery while they advance. Or slip a hand grenade into your commander's tent. (Hello, court martial.)

As for the video... My BS-meter is ticking.
That was an "old fart from around the neighbourhood" that wanted to recite the party line in front of a news team looking for a story. Such individuals should be discounted as people and never allowed near a news team. They don't have opinions; they're just information relays, from our news stations to yours.

Then again, the news industry would panic if they could never find anyone willing to recite a party line. Can you imagine what would happen then? We'd all be watching sessions of Congress or Parliament, bored out of our druthers, too indifferent to support one political party over another.