View Full Version : 303-stats

6th February 2007, 15:59
i just want to know whats going on with the stats for the fn-303.
if i kill somebody a can see my kill a the "5 latest kills" but at my personal stats is "no score".

6th February 2007, 16:41
FN303 kills on profile page (http://forum.hidden-source.com/showthread.php?t=7227)


Sorry guys but I dont have the time to upgrade stats, and it will probably have to go offline when B5 hits due to me not having the time to update the parser to the new logformat (if indeed there is a change?)

all in all... don't get your hopes up :(

6th February 2007, 18:18
I really wish I knew how to take care of that for chilly.

8th February 2007, 10:09
As annoying as this sounds:

I know exactly how to fix the 303 count, but I wont due to the fact that it will require about 3 hours work and quite a large overhaul of the profile page - which is the real killer. It was designed in a bit of a hurry and we didnt make the proper provisions for generic-ness. It's our fault and it's not gonna get fixed any time soon :(