View Full Version : Chainsaw!!!

2nd February 2007, 18:49
it may just be from playing doom and jumping every 3 seconds from it :D but i think a chainsaw in a steam game would really add comedy to it. most probably wouldnt work in hidden but some game may find a use for it. would be dam funny tho:p

2nd February 2007, 20:27
what are you talking about? the hidden can get a chainsaw with the console-game styled key combo: +forward, +moveleft, +aura, -forward, +right, -aura, +moveright, +forward, -duck, -moveleft, +moveup, -right, +back, -moveright, -moveup, +right, -forward, +duck, say artichokeRgr8, -right, -back

but to prevent being tracked by the exhaust fumes they made it an electric one so if you move too far away from the wall socket it stops working... and you have a power cable dragging around behind you.

2nd February 2007, 20:29
lol. would be funny if there was one though

3rd February 2007, 08:25
type gogglez